Five Reasons to Jump Into a Big New Game at Launch

Glitched Africa writes "We discuss the five reasons that games might want to jump into a new game at launch instead of waiting weeks or even months"

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TheRacingX3d ago

None of those reasons are valid enough , unless youre a hardcore fan of a developers series. Which means youre getting it day 1 because youre a fan of the series, not his reasons listed.

shammgod3d ago

1 reason not to, the new standard is to release an incomplete broken mess at launch, then add content and fix it at a later date

Forn3d ago

Not everybody does that though.

tombfan3d ago

A lot of third parties does that, not want to sound like a fanboy, but Sony does a pretty good job releasing their games (maybe not all of them) on great/amazing conditions. So there's that.

AK912d ago

It depends on the game, if it is a GaaS game that asks full price at launch your wasting your money, if it is a quality SP game it's worth it to buy at launch since they are always great to play.