The Top Video Game Soundtracks For Relaxing

These are either some of my favourites, or the soundtrack of whatever game I’m writing about. There are many aspects that go into making a good game, but I think many of us can agree that the icing on the cake is a beautiful soundtrack. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys the games soundtracks that have some really good songs and melodies. Whether it’s for writing, studying, relaxing, or just enjoying some good old music, I hope some of this music can help you get into the mood for whatever you need to do in life.

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SuperSonic9111d ago

Horizon ZD and Chrono Cross

NecrumOddBoy11d ago

Both are great soundtracks. I think Chrono Trigger's ST is perfect.

SuperSonic9111d ago

Chrono Cross music has stuck with me for years especially when I hear Nessun Dorma.
Yup CTrigger's OST is up there with the all time greats!
That Sony Sound Chip sound on SNES is legendary.

SterlingSilver3d ago

I haven't played either games but maybe I'll check out their soundtracks!

Last_Boss10d ago

Skyrim has an amazing soundtrack

SterlingSilver3d ago

I find its music very relaxing, I just find a lot of it is very similar and hard to seperate.

DJK1NG_Gaming10d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Leftherian Archipelago, Gormott, World Tree and so on.
Final Fantasy VII-X - Timeless relasxing song. Fisherman's Horizon, Wandering Flame, Anxious Heart, You're Not Alone, Terra, Theme of Sorrow, Someday This Dream Will End, Fragment of Memories....I can list more.

SterlingSilver3d ago

JRPG's usually have great music, I was thinking of including Final Fantasy 13 because I really like the music from that game!