25 Thoughts About Revisiting Red Dead Redemption 2

Here are one editor's thoughts about how Rockstar's magnum opus handles immersion, drinking, redemption, exploration, sex, and more.

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PoSTedUP4d ago

i agree with everything you wrote. it is how i view and play the game as well. ive also gone sober in my late 20's so i wonder if it has anything to do with appreciating things a little more, the small things. if i were 14 i would be playing fortnight and saying RDR2 sucks ballz. but its everything ive ever wanted in a game. i practically live and breath in this world.

isarai4d ago

Only thing that kinds sucks is getting drunk, Don't know why but in GTA V and RDR2 getting drunk is really downgraded from the previous games (RDR1 and GTA IV) where in the old ones you'd stumble around and blabber nonsense with physics based ragdoll animations, now you just get a blurry screen and a 2 sec looped basic stumble animation followed by passing out in RDR2. Just not as fun of an activity anymore, which begs the question why should i even do it then?

See this is funny/fun to play

this is not

slayernz4d ago

i just picked it up in the weekend and been loving it...just came across the aberdeen farm tonight, had a few drinks with them but was cracking up laughing at arthurs facial expressions as dinner played out...he had a look of WTF on his face...little things like this make the game so immersive and filled with things to do, way way better than i expected it to be (hence why i only just started it)