Devil May Cry 5: Modder unlocks Vergil as a playable character, points to future DLC

Devil May Cry is well known for its secrets and additional playable characters, but try as you might you simply cannot unlock anyone new in Devil May Cry 5. At least, not through conventional means.

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dragon_rocks10d ago

I hate these idiots always doing things like this.

Gamehard10d ago

Yep, I like how in the article in the second or third paragraph they finally say spoiler warning.

dragon_rocks10d ago

@Gamehard: Its not about the article. Spoiler in the title and thumbnail itself. Many would have guessed that Vergil would be involved in some way but many might not have seen him yet or would not know that whether he will be unlockable in-game or not etc. etc. The image and title are both spoilers.

Nitrowolf210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

thats his point, he's just stating how much more stupid this post is by giving their "Warning" a few paragraph in when they already spoiled it

AK9110d ago

For anyone who's played the previous games, this isn't really much of a surprise.

King_Noctis10d ago

Why do these “journalists” always do this? Just recently they had spoiled RDR2’s surprise, and I’m still so bitter on that.