Phoenix Point Fans Outraged Over Epic Exclusive Launch

The X-COM spiritual successor will be an Epic exclusive for the first 12 months after launch, and fans are livid about the last minute change to what they were promised

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shinoff218311d ago

Im hoping this comes to ps4 and I wouldnt mind waiting. We would end up with a more polished and complete game.

goodwin11d ago

can't argue with that. a little bit of polishing never hurt anyone.

Chaosdreams11d ago

While it would be enjoyable to have it on your platform of choice, there's nothing that makes it a certainty it would be anymore polished. Especially when the devs don't care about public perception in the face of money. *Pats Steam owners on the back

I'd say the chances of this coming to PS4 are next to none. There's no way they'd release it on PS4 before Steam owners (the very people who crowd funded the game) are being shafted for a year.

alb3rt10d ago

Epic wants people take their store seriously, unfortunately for them this is not the strategy they should implement.

Hungryalpaca10d ago

Exactly. The games should be available on steam too but throw in the EPIC perks like $10 off or something to get sales. Not paying for exclusives hoping to bring people over. That just sours the taste.

rainslacker10d ago

This is more about getting people to use the store. That's usually the hardest part of getting a new store running. Especially when you have one huge entrenched store that has such a huge bulk of the market share.

I don't think it's really necessary. I think if they just had comparable features, the devs may just publish there. Epic is respected enough to make a dent without having to jump through so many hoops. They can make another Unreal, and probably get a ton of players. They already have people using it for Fortnite.

Epic I think should focus on just making itself have more features and benefits for the consumer. They certainly have the engineering talent in their company to make it happen. Hell, they are responsible for half the technological advancements on computer gaming and rendering as it is, and the rest they have plenty of resources to make happen. The area they're located is the silicon valley of the east coast, and has plenty of technology companies....although geography isn't really that important anymore.

Tiredofthisshill10d ago

Wow, you get an internet star for that well articulated reasoning.

Too bad most people just keep falling back in the "me only like steam" argument.

opc9d ago


stop it. people have given you tons of excellent reasons, in-home streaming, unrivaled controller support, Steam controller, VR, family sharing, easier returns, better account security, and just yesterday streaming over the internet was added to steam.

Blu3_Berry10d ago

They have every right to be mad. This is not for the players at all. There is absolutely no benefit for us in this d*ck move they did. I for one have no interest in this game, but I guarantee that those who were interested probably have no desire for it anymore. They pretty much betrayed the backers and in return the devs get more money in their pockets simply due to greed with Epic.

How Epic thinks this is a good idea baffles me, all the decisions they are doing is causing more people to hate their storefront and business practice. This is not how you get more consumers and gain their trust/loyalty. Instead this is just pushing everyone away including myself. It's a disgusting business practice.

I'm legit curious, can't these developers potentially get sued for lying about this and swaying users to give them money? Not sure if this could be considered fraud or something else. Yes I know that it will EVENTUALLY release on Steam/GoG, but this Epic exclusivity crap was not in there originally as promised and backers/customers had no idea about it until they already made the deal. I know they can file a ticket for a refund but still, this was not advertised originally.

Honestly, this is even more scummy then the Metro Exodus situation. At least with Metro, you still got your steam copy when it released if you preordered it (on steam at least), but with this you simply won't get the copy until the 1-year exclusivity is up and instead you get an Epic code. That is utterly distasteful and they need to be held accountable for this.

Seafort10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

After the announcement hundreds, if not thousands, of the backers have refunded the game as they will not support the move to Epic Store considering they were promised a steam or GoG key at launch.

Now we get a steam/GoG key a year later after the game has launched. I requested a refund for the game I supported last year and was eagerly awaiting it's release but not any more.

The only way to send a message to developers is to remove the funding. If the devs can't commit to their promises then neither shall the funders of the game.

lelo2play10d ago

This is why I don't support crowdfunding. The developer will screw the costumer any chance he gets.
I only purchase games when they are released.

Father__Merrin10d ago

If u was a fan of a game you will buy it. If you are merely a fan of a digital store {worst type of fan boy} and he boycotts it that's proof he's not really someone who enjoys great games. Can't wait for epic to grow

Blu3_Berry10d ago

It's all about choice, and Epic is simply not allowing choices.

Father__Merrin10d ago

but why should steam be the defacto platform?

Spenok10d ago

It is your CHOICE to buy the game at all. It being exclusive to a store doesn't make it not a choice.

MANY games are exclusive to Steam. Why don't people complain about that?

Hungryalpaca10d ago

So a fan should just buy something even though he doesn’t want the other shit that comes with it?



If someone doesn't like the way epic has been doing these timed exclusives (for games that were supposed to go to steam), why would they support it?

opc10d ago

Stop it. Just because Epic is just a store doesn't mean that Steam is just a store.

Steam has streaming to different devices, and allows customization and fine-tuning of controls for just about every controller imaginable.

opc9d ago

that steam isn't just a store like the others.

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