Powerful Message from Esports Player: 'Make your own fu**ing team'.

Crimsix, who plays for the highly successful Call of Duty esports team OpTic Gaming, released an interesting video on his Youtube channel. The video wasn’t showcasing highlights or hot topic debates. This time it was a serious message.

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Karlsh10d ago

not everyone will have the same resources he does to just make their own team. it takes so much now as players demand top dollar if they will be committing their life to playing games. but def see his point.

SegaGamer10d ago

Sorry, but I can't help but laugh at the people that take esports so seriously. They are literally sitting down and playing a game, stop trying to make it make sound bigger than it is.

Zeegamereh10d ago

U sound like someone who gets destroyed on online games 🤣 these guys make more than you do just by sitting down 🤣

SegaGamer10d ago

Well, seeing as I barely even play online games, I probably would get destroyed. I don't see what money has to with anything. So these people make more money than me, what about it?

Koguza10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

You're saying, "I can't help but laugh at *insert any profession* professionals taking their livelihood so seriously". It's their source of income, ofc they're gonna take it seriously. Are you really as dense as you're making yourself out to be?

-Foxtrot10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"these guys make more than you do just by sitting down"

Isn't that the issue with today's world

You have people working their arses off, the economy getting worse for the younger generation where we won't be able to retire until we're 70 yet these esports players are being paid to play a game sitting down. Even things like Football or Basketball for example have players over paid but at least they are moving around doing things.

Like Ninja was just paid a million to play Apex Legends...meanwhile most of us are coming off a 40 hour work week and making pennies to get by.

It's a shit show.

2pacalypsenow10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

So what, people are protesting to get people who flip burgers to to make as much money as EMT's, doesn't mean anything.

Rimfro10d ago

LOL. How much do you honestly think these guys make? No way they make more than my wife, or I. Hardly anyone watches that shit. The entry level pro-sports play like $40K a season. And I guarantee you they generate more money than a “pro-gamer” does, for their employer. You are the one who had these dudes on a pedestal they don’t deserve, not a case of hating on someone who’s “got more money”. Hahaha. I’m done with the netz for today. Nobody is beating this absurdity.

PoSTedUP10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

whats wrong with working sitting down? if youre good at what you do and are doing a lot of work you are still working hard. not physically hard like me but im not gonna devalue someones work bc they sit down and do it. ppl who work on computers? famous painters? tellemarketers? these guys are good at playing games and people watch them. thus they get paid. dont hate the player. sales people can make 90 to 100k sitting down and calling people if they are good at it. whats wrong with that? just because they dont want to explore other opportunities besides starbucks does not mean others need to work standing up to to make their wages rightfully earned. sheesh.

@rimfro. some of these guys can make 15k a month. can you do that playing a game? would you if you could? i sure as hell would. shit id be happy with 60k a year playing a game if i was good enough. im breaking my back to earn my keep.

conanlifts10d ago

@Rimfro "How much do you honestly think these guys make"

It would depend on which players, some of them are millionaires now from esports. https://www.businessinsider...

It would also depend if they get any sponsorship or endorsements on top of their prize money. But the top 100 players have all pretty much made $1million each from prize money alone.

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Ragthorn10d ago

I ended up putting way too much work into this lol. Sources are also below the text!

No need to peg these people down, they're doing what they obviously enjoy! I don't take esports seriously, but I see it the same way as I see regular sports. Both of which I don't really care too much about, but I understand why people get so into them because its fun for them to talk about the teams and the games!

As for -Foxtrot, people have been always complaining about the entertainment industry like sports or films. It's always going to be an issue because these industries breathe money. People always say stuff like, "Why isn't this money going towards like cancer research" or something along those lines. Athletes get paid so much to move around because we placed that value on the players themselves. To me, that still doesn't justify to me how they get paid SIGNIFICANTLY more than the average working person, so I agree they're overpaid. Recently I had to write about some brain imaging topic and there is definitely research that I'd like to see more money put into like being able to record dreams and decode the brain info to display it visually! Back to the topic though, esports players don't get paid massive amounts of money like we think they do, in fact, its really stressful and is highly volatile because it varies between games. The stress of being under the public eye and to perform consistently really well is similar to sports athletes in that vein.

I will use extreme cases for an athlete and esports player here. For example, Faker, who is probably the biggest LoL player that is comparable to LeBron James in status from an esports side, reportedly makes $2.5 million per year. That is much higher than the regular salary of an average esports player, which I believe is around the $100k mark. LeBron James' latest contract earns him $154 million. Again, it comes down to the amount of value placed. Streamers, like you mention with Ninja, obviously make a lot of money depending on the person but you listed $1 million for him to play Apex Legends. I am willing to bet that it will cost WAY more to have LeBron James or Dwayne Johnson to advertise a product for you. The stresses between standard jobs and being a popular figure are different and both are hard, which is still okay to be upset about but that's the reality of the industry and our world. Both top esports players and athletes need to be consistently AMAZING, and that obviously comes with a lot of stress to perform. Suddenly being dropped either because the game itself lost steam or there is some new talent better than you is no doubt something that's always on their mind! Streamers have to be entertaining to talk or bring something like great skills. OR you could just be one of those IRL streamers that does 24/7 ASMR streams lol. Again, streaming itself is a different type of beast! I wouldn't do it because I don't want gaming to become a job to me, it's my escape!!!

At the end of the day, I am saying all of this because I just don't understand how someone simply playing games makes you that upset. It's downplaying some of the stress and work it takes to get to that level AND to stay consistent. And again, these people are only worth that much because that is how they are valued by people! Hopefully it clears things up and at least brings a different perspective to what's viewed here.

Giblet_Head10d ago

So powerful and brave. Woah. /s

rainslacker10d ago

After reading this, given that he started at age 15, and has been in eSports for 10 years now, I feel he should have spent more time in school, instead of pursuing a career in eSports. The speech he gives is so disjointed and all over the place, that the point is lost. he doesn't seem to actually have a coherent thought on how to express what he's trying to say, and I'm not even sure I understand what he's trying to say.

If I'm understanding it right, he's telling new young players to make their own team, to which I assume he means he's telling those same young people that they shouldn't allow these established teams take advantage of their skills when they end up getting into competitions. By doing this, it means in the future, they can sell the team, and make a lot of money.

Disregarding the rather cynical and almost clinical nature of how this paints pro gamers as being grubby businessmen instead of great players, this seems impractical on the larger scale, because you don't get to the higher levels if you don't take the hits and get taken advantage of. Not every team can make it. It's like telling high school basketball players just be the best you can, and promote yourself, because you'll be better off in the end. Except that the majority of great high school basketball players don't even get recruited into the big college teams, and even fewer of those that do get drafted into the pro leagues.

What he suggests isn't going to work for everyone, and not everyone is as good at making something of themselves or making a successful team as others may be. I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying, but I think better advice would be to tell these people to try, but be adaptable to what opportunities present themselves. Getting added onto a team which is about to be in a national final is going to bring recognition and sponsorship, which apparently is more the driving force behind eSports than just competing against the best players. Start your own business/team or not, they're all being used by these sponsors to push their wares, but not everyone is going to be able to cash out in the future, especially if everyone starts making their own team.

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