20 Best RPGs To Lose Yourself In

Cultured Vultures: Love to say goodbye to the outside world for days at a time? We're counting down some of the best RPG games to help you out.

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Razzer10d ago

@Emil Gunnarsson

That is a damn fine list.

Fist4achin10d ago

I 2nd your statement. Funny that there was no FF or DQ games.

AceRimmer30210d ago

Final Fantasy 6 is #4 ya moron.

slayernz10d ago

good list - however you think engaging combat in the witcher, yet skyrim is not? skyrim lets me be what i want, an archer, archer/mage, thief with sneak attacks - whatever i want but with the witcher you are severely limited....i do not understand how you think this is engaging lol, i think the witcher is very very overrated

Gahl1k9d ago

Decent list that's worth reading. And in 2 pages only! Imagine if this was Twinfinite or GamingBolt...

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