Why Dead or Alive 6 feels like a DLC cash grab

Dead or Alive 6 has all of the essentials a good fighting game needs, and yet is let down by excessive downloadable content.

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Sonyslave312d ago

It look just like 5 with no real difference lol I'm gonna pass on this. I have tekken 7, soul caliber too satisfy my fighting thirst.

isarai11d ago

There's an entirely new mechanic in the "Break Gauge System" that they've touted since the beginning, couldn't have looked very hard. And what exactly did Tekken 7 and Souls Caliber do so differently from their last games? a slow mo feature in tekken? and a similar special meter mechanic in soul calibur?? not really a game changer either.

FTANK10d ago

As a super fan of the series, it peaked at 4. The "new" mechanics aren't very new in comparison to other games that already went there. The arenas are shitty amd way uglier and less inspired than what we saw in 2, 3, or 4. Despite the new system, it felt like characters now have smaller rosters of moves.
I'll get it just out of my history with the franchise since the original game was in aracades but only on sale.

fsfsxii10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Ironically, SC6 is literally SC4 with an uprez
The same goes for T7, it barely looks any better than TTT2 and it lacks content such as endings from Ttt2

I'm not advocating DOA6's cash grab tactics, in fact i was hyped for. The game until the news came out about no lobbies and i passed on it

rainslacker10d ago

Game itself is OK. The DLC is a cash grab, which is why it feels like it.

AK9110d ago

Buy the game ignore the season pass, that's what I did.

Bane3510d ago

Of course dlc for dead or alive 6 is a cash grab just like most games that are out now


Don’t even get me started on this game. I just downloaded a 1gb patch HOPING that they finally put lobbies in the game but NOPE! So wtf was this patch for?

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The story is too old to be commented.