Fortnite's Latest Update Forces Xbox One and PS4 Users to Play Together

Fortnite's latest update puts PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers head-to-head on the battle field.

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Community9d ago
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Jin_Sakai11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Options are ok but being forced is not. I knew stuff like this would end up happening.

“The expansion of its cross-play feature essentially means you will have no other option than to compete against players on a different console.”

“The feature allows you to opt-in, but if you were to opt-out, you would be restricted to Playground and the Creative Mode.“

Michiel19899d ago ShowReplies(8)
SuperSonic919d ago

That is not right.
In Rocket League I have the option to play with PC gamers or not.

Sw33tBoi9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

"Regardless you still shouldn’t be forced to play with who Epic chooses. That should always be your choice."

Is this a joke? You said the opposite in the Nintendo Switch article:

"Cross-play is overhyped and only a select minority care about it. Sony should’ve never have allowed it."

So it should never have been allowed, and we should have a choice with who we play with when it comes to crossplay? Dude, make up your mind.

King_Noctis9d ago

I don’t think he can make up his mind because he is a big fan of a certain console.

DrumBeat9d ago

Also, wtf @ "That should always be your choice." Barring parties and friends you enter matchmaking with, you've never been able to choose who you play with. You get matched and that's it! You've never had a choice!

Personally, I'm indifferent to the whole thing, but why on Earth would this bother you?

Kiwi669d ago

Well stick to single player games only then if you don't want to play with others, problem solved

RauLeCreuset9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Personally, this aspect doesn't bother me too much, but I do get how this direction would legitimately bother others, and it's funny to see the 'pro consumer' and 'player choice' crowd ride that slippery slope down to arguing people shouldn't care about being forced to crossplay. It's like some forget, or want to forget, that these are gaming consoles. Consoles are a different beast compared to PC. Some prefer the relative parity in hardware consoles provide compared to PCs when it comes to competition. They aren't wrong for wanting the benefits of a console while playing their console, and Sony isn't wrong to want to protect the closed ecosystem that is the bread and butter of a successful console.

Xbox may see it in their business interests to move more toward being a platform than a console, but that doesn't mean everyone else has to move away from what is traditionally expected of console gaming. I haven't seen even an attempt to justify why the choice is being removed among the comments here. Just a bunch of attempts to argue that we were already sliding down the slippery slope anyway, so we may as well go with it. Some have that attitude but try to dismiss concerns that Xbox is using crossplay as a trojan horse to access their competitors' ecosystems.

TengHu8d ago

Forget options! This is what the community asked for and it's what it got. There was no clause that stated, "We want cross-play, but...". They thought they knew what they wanted. PlayStation was right about cross-play being anti-consumer.

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Doge11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

So you force Switch into the mobile pool and force Xbox and PlayStation to play together? Yeah miss me with that shit lmao. People wanted it as an option, not this.

--Onilink--9d ago

whats the problem though?
It makes sense to remove the switch from the console pool as it only runs at 30fps, so they are always at a disadvantage.

But whats the big deal about playing with people from another console? They are still nothing but random strangers to you..

BlackOni9d ago

Also, I just noticed your user name, funny how that works out lol

ILostMyMind9d ago

I have a PS4 and don't want to play with XBO users. I can not be forced to do so.

Abnor_Mal9d ago

From jump I said that choice most likely wasn't going to be an option. Not everyone from opposing platforms are A-holes, but what happens when you DO come across a lobby every so often and you don't have a choice. I guess my best choice is to just not play. Funny how ordinarily people want choice, but now are stating reasons why you don't need choice.

gangsta_red9d ago

"..but what happens when you DO come across a lobby every so often and you don't have a choice."

Then you have the choice to leave that lobby and find a new one. Somehow I don't think your problem has anything to do with crossplay, just people online in general.

rainslacker9d ago

Yeah, but what if the switch players dont mind the disadvantages because of all the other benefits that cross plat has to offer?

Epic removed their choice I some cases.

Just playing devil's advocate, because the whole cross at debate is becoming so funny with the hundred of anecdotal situations, and more specifically all the rules and restrictions, and changed that fortnite is bringing to the table

--Onilink--9d ago


No one has removed the crossplay options from the Switch version. They can still party up and play with anyone regardless of the consoles they are in.

If they party with a PC or console player, then they are dragged into that respective matchmaking pool.

If they are playing alone or with other switch users, they play in their own respective pool

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LucasRuinedChildhood9d ago

As long as they don't force console users to play against PC users, who cares?

King_Noctis9d ago

Fanboys do though. Its like they are living in a cave and do not welcome others to play with them.

awdevoftw9d ago

Lol, now people are complaining about crossplay? It's not the paradise you thought it was going to be under one system?

SpeedDemon9d ago

The only ones complaining about this are people who didn't want crossplay to begin with.

ocelot079d ago

What is going on I thought crossplay was this amazing thing and all about choice. Now Switch is removed and the choice if you actually want to crossplay is now also gone?

gangsta_red9d ago

Lmao, you guys are really reaching, stretching and trying your absolute hardest to turn crossplay into some kind of hell on Earth.

Switch still has crossplay with consoles.

And why wouldn't a console player want to play with the entire user base of Fortnite on all console platforms?

thejigisup9d ago

"Switch still has crossplay with consoles." just
not with fortnite, for now. I'd say it has limited crossplay.

In my experience I've encountered more toxic players on xbl than I have psn. I do prefer gaming on psn. I also think not being able to add xbl or psn members to group chat or friends list could be annoying.

--Onilink--9d ago

someone clearly didnt read what is being changed... either that or your reading comprehension is quite low.

They are pooling PS4 and X1 players together, how much more crossplay can it get?

And switch still has crossplay, nothing is stopping a Switch user to join with friends on any other system. It's when everyone is using a switch that they will now be in their own pool with mobile users, since the Switch version operates at 30fps

ILostMyMind9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I think Sony will have something to say about it. Sony should block that CP immediately. I can not be forced to play with XBO users. I did not buy an XBO. This hurts the rights of users of the platform.

Kribwalker9d ago

HaHaHa. Seriously? My sarcasm detector was going off the charts, then i saw your other posts in here.....

You guys are so against this for some reason. Not having it can turn playstation players into 2nd class citizens (see minecraft as an example) so i don’t understand why it’s such a problem to be given more then less

Kingthrash3609d ago

Not having crossplay will now make anyone second class. Crossplay isnt a big deal, it's just easier to find a game for all now. It's not bad in any way, but not a game changer either.

Kribwalker9d ago

The Minecraft Better Together Update is on every platform but the PS4, which still gets updates but doesn’t get everything the other platforms get and typically updates come at a later time on the ps4.

That’s a second class experience in minecraft. There’s other games that are doing PC/Switch/Xbox crossplay and cross progression that the PS4 isn’t getting. There’s the possibility that that happens with more games

9d ago
King_Noctis9d ago

Awww...does this news hurt your feeling that much? Its okay...those big bad Xbox baddies won’t hurt you.

Sw33tBoi9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Notice how the narrative has moved? The initial argument was that it's not a big deal and everyone was overreacting about Sony blocking it. All of a sudden it's implemented and those same people are saying they need an option to turn it off. I thought it wasn't a big deal though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seriously though, I've always been okay with the option for users to opt out of crossplay for whatever reason they may have, but anyone who said crossplay doesn't matter and its not a big deal has no right to be outraged over this decision on Epics part.

9d ago
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