Devil May Cry 5 enters at No1 (UK Charts)

‘Devil May Cry 5’ (20,872) debuts at No1 this week and is the first in the franchise to reach No1 since the reboot ‘DmC’ back in week 3 2013.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ (5,980 / +3%) climbs three places to No2, while ‘Anthem’ (4,974 / -62%) falls from top spot to No4. The only other new game to make it in to the Top 40 is ‘Left Alive’ (947) from Square-Enix which sneaks in at No39.

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6d ago
SuperSonic916d ago

Keep on chooglin' , Capcom.
Great Job!

Nyxus6d ago

Some more details here: https://www.gamesindustry.b...

The PS4 version accounted for 80% of the sales.

Movefasta19936d ago

not surprised, it's fanbase are mainly playstation fans.

Nyxus6d ago

Yeah, plus Japanese games tend to sell a lot better on PS4. But Microsoft did have the advertising rights for this game.

jagermaster6196d ago

but but c'mon man give it a break!

Nyxus6d ago

What's wrong with providing more details on the subject?

jagermaster6195d ago

Yeah like that's all you are trying to do...🐎🐴㊍ 2;

gamingunited5d ago

That's interesting considering that UK is xbox's second best country.

I guess a lot of people actually chose PS4 over xbox.

ThrowingDigitalSheep5d ago

lol trust ponies to turn a celebration of a multi-platform game doing well into Ps4 iS bEtTeR tHaN xBox 😂

thepatientgamer6d ago

Congrats Capcom! You definitely kept me waiting

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