Is Gravity Falls' creator right about "cynical" Kingdom Hearts?

The creator of Gravity Falls called Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts a cynical abomination that proves God doesn't exist.

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-Foxtrot10d ago

How over the top can you get

Gravity Falls is so f***** overrated...there, I said it.

Flynn_Ryder_89710d ago

He's actually quite a clever and creative bloke, as well as a good voice actor.

ninsigma10d ago

"It’s certainly not the convoluted and poorly written story that keeps us coming back"
Wrong. The story is definitely why people keep going back as well as for the characters.

"advertising Disney flicks"
KH3 definitely felt like a Disney advert a lot of the time.

Strange criticism from Alex Hirsch but if he doesn't like the mashup then fair enough. Tastes differ but I couldn't disagree more. I love the crossover.

rainslacker10d ago

I agree that the story was it's always been. Major problem was they have so many characters they just were trying to resolve, and you go through the whole game doing the Disney stuff, you see what Rikku and Sora are doing, but a lot of they spend time on Disney story, which we already know if we watched the movies, and then cram as much resolution as possible into the final level.

That said, It is the story that keeps people coming back, because it's a decent and fun story, despite it's rather dark undertones.

Don't really agree that it advertises Disney flicks though. Although, I enjoyed the Tangled stuff, so may want to watch that because Repunzel was pretty cool.

Movefasta199310d ago

WHat is it about athiests constantly trying to prove god doesn't exist?

Flynn_Ryder_89710d ago

Dude, he's just being purposefully over-the-top in his brief rant about how much he hates Kingdom Hearts.

Platformgamer10d ago

look, i adore gravity falls... but wth? is he on drugs?
criticism is good, but this is just bullshit

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