VideoGamer Review: Quantum of Solace Get 9 of 10

To say that this game is or isn't better than GoldenEye would be disingenuous - GoldenEye is a game more than ten years old on a console generations behind current technology. Comparing Quantum Of Solace and GoldenEye like for like now would just be foolish. However, what VideoGamer feels that they can say is that if the talented team of game developers who wowed gamers so long ago with that particular N64 title, set to work to produce it again now with current generation technology, then Quantum Of Solace would be the game that they would create. Or to put it another way: this is GoldenEye for a new generation. And praise doesn't come much higher than that.

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walker013669d ago

i dont like bond anymore, casino royal ruined it.
im gonna rent it, get some trophies then send it back for a new game (love film FTW)

Sh0oteRr3669d ago

the multiplayer is really great sad thing if you gonna rent it

SullyDrake3669d ago

I'll stick to a rental for now, and only if I actually get bored with the dozen or so great games this holiday.

farhsa20083668d ago

walker you lost all my respect and every movie fans respect when you dissed casino royale, next time just keep your mouth shut

ambientFLIER3668d ago

I was a big bond fan, but Casino Royale did in fact suck.