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Gamepro : Killzone 2 Preview Scans

Gamepro December 2008 issue has been released featuring a Killzone 2 preview. (Killzone 2, PS3)

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ThePlaystationFour  +   2531d ago
Killzone 2
it looks like Gamepro really enjoyed playing Killzone 2.
SRU9600  +   2531d ago
Am I reading this right? There is no Deathmatch mode?!

All I see is "Team" Deathmatch, and if there is no "every man for himself" type of straight-up Deathmatch I am going to be pissed!

I don't play in Team Deathmatch mode because I get tired of playing on teams filled with people that have zero skill. I am very good at playing FPS games and I like to win or lose based on my own abilities, not someone else's.

I REALLY hope that my NyQuil induced haze has caused me to overlook the part where they mention that the game does indeed have a traditional Deathmatch mode.
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Myze  +   2531d ago
I don't know if there is a regular Deathmatch or not. However, there are multiple classes, so in an effort to create a balanced game, there may not be that mode of play.

Imagine Team Fortress 2 with a Free-for-all Deathmatch. Who would play the Medic if you can't heal anybody and all you could do was slice people or shoot them with syringes. Sure, you could get some kills, but you would be vastly outmatched by pretty much every other class.

That being said, I could see KZ2 being similar in the multiplayer department. It's much easier to balance a game around team vs. team play than it is individuals and 1vs1.
SRU9600  +   2531d ago
Team vs. team is all well and good, but if it comes at the expense of a simple (but universally loved) Deathmatch mode, then that really sucks.

If it's true, my excitement for this game has dropped by at least 50%.

So not cool.
iHEARTboobs  +   2531d ago
Looks great
They really seem to like it
aaron23  +   2531d ago
Kain81  +   2531d ago
Killzone 2 will put the hole game industrie in a new
After this Game i think we will see other publishers to try to produce games to be on paar or to be match this quality.
I must say i never seen Graphics like this on a Console, they are almost CG-like
aaron23  +   2531d ago
This is the best shooter of 2009
no questions asked
Parapraxis  +   2531d ago
Oh dear, even die hard PC fanboys are gonna get up in arms about this. I mean, there's no way a console game could ever possibly look better than Crysis....right? (lol).
killalot100  +   2531d ago
this game looks as good as crysis but the only thing crysis has over this is that crysis can be played in a native 1080p res and higher. i think crysis looks beyond great in ultra high setting but good luck finding a pc that can run it.
Myze  +   2531d ago
Crysis looks more realistic in most aspects (except lighting), but many of the die-hard PC fanatics refuse to accept that that alone does not mean the game looks better.

I've played Crysis at the highest settings (only about 20fps, but still mostly playable), and yes, it looks amazing in most parts. However, the little outposts and buildings in the game look like crap, but you never hear anyone talk about that. Anyway, from the videos I've seen, KZ2 is more visually appealing than Crysis to me. The only thing KZ2 won't be able to match is the higher resolution and 8xAA, but the better art style, gameplay and locations will make up for that, in my opinion. Of course, though, that's an early opinion of what I think will end up being the case, because I have not played KZ2.
rebirthofcaos  +   2531d ago
well i cant wait to play resistance 2 this year, I just got socom, dead space and bioshock, now with my pre orders, naruto ultimate, valkiria and resistance 2 CE

Add me with PS ID Amvient
ThePlaystationFour  +   2531d ago
Helgast Sniper looks pretty cool lookin with 3 eyes lol.
DeZimatoR  +   2531d ago
Its even more awesome when he turns his cloak on...
...and disappears! :P

I wonder if that'll happen in the single-player too...I hope not, it'd be hard as hell to take one out if the only times he is visible is when he shoots... :O
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MaximusPrime  +   2531d ago
demo, here we come ;)
Drealmcc0y  +   2531d ago
GG have totally nicked ideas from other games like COD4 and TF2.
But I dont care, those are brilliant FPS's so if they take the best from them and then add there own little Killzone flair, this game is golden
thereapersson  +   2531d ago
Yeah, but what game doesn't borrow ideas nowadays?
I mean, Gears of War's main gameplay mechanic is borrowed from two last-generation games. Thankfully, it's all in how those ideas are pulled off, and it looks like GG have managed to do it with grate panache and skill.
GWAVE  +   2531d ago
This game will be awesome. I've had the distinct fortune of being able to play the beta (not on my PS3, unfortunately, but on a friend's PS3) and I must say that it is fantastic. The graphics surpass any shooter currently on the market, and these are graphics in the BETA! I can only imagine how the final game will look once they put some polish on it.

Plus, the multiplayer is very fun. It's like CoD4 with a heavy dose of Team Fortress 2 (due to the class choices). Apparently the devs have been running multiplayer games since early 2007, so by the time this game launches I'm sure they will polish the mechanics to a mirror sheen.
Doppy  +   2531d ago
I think the lauch of the next gen systems took gaming (graphic wise) to the next level, but it seems that Killzone 2 will take current gen systems to the next level already. This game looks absolutely amazing, and I can only imagine what we'll be seeing and playing later in these console life, let alone when we receive the PS4 and Xbox 720.
ThePlaystationFour  +   2531d ago
No game on the market today comes close to what we witness today.
DA_SHREDDER  +   2531d ago
I still cant believe they took the cover system out of multi player
I was really looking forward to this game. Now Im pretty skeptical. They should at least add a prone mechanic.
thereapersson  +   2531d ago
Don't worry about it
They said it themselves that it would have made the gameplay feel broken, not to mention that a lot of people in the beta actually asked GG if they could remove the cover system. They just responded to what people wanted, based upon criticisms from the beta.
Parapraxis  +   2531d ago
thereapersson, glad to hear that.
Too many people have no f'n clue what a beta is for.
Cure  +   2531d ago
cant wait for this game!
i love killzone 2 threads...it honestly is a troll/xbot safe zone hahaha

they dont even dare to enter these type of threads and talk their nonsense

feb 2009!
DA_SHREDDER  +   2531d ago
My cousin is in the beta
and he isnt even that much of a hard core gamer. That would really suck if they take what he says seriously cause hes a freakin idiot. On the other hand, they should have the cover system optional. I for one think the multiplayer is gonna be a broke down COD without the cover system. They could at least put in the prone mechanic, but I doubt it. I dont know. Im really upset about this whole thing. Killzone 2 was my most anticipated game next year. I guess I will have to find another game to get my tatical shooting online with.
Kain81  +   2531d ago
i would wait for the retail version and
then i would choose.
But personaly i will buy this at LUNCH
DA_SHREDDER  +   2531d ago
I bet the single player will be great
but think about this. Imagine playing Gears of War, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Quantum Solace without their cover systems. It would feel totally broken. I dont care what you guys say,, I want the cover system for online play, if not, then I will wait till this game hits the bargain bins. Also, dont even say Im a fanboy. My ps3 is my baby. Im just telling it how it I see it.
BADJOYSTICK  +   2528d ago

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