Capcom Ships 4 Million Copies of Resident Evil 2 2019

Resident Evil 2 2019 has been one of 2019's biggest titles, with the game now reaching 4 million copies shipped.

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BigBosss19d ago

Capcom is on fire! Monster Hunter, Resident Evil 2 Remake and now looking forward to the new DMC game! I also can't wait for a RE3 Remake :)

salmonade19d ago

This remake was so damned good. I got the Platinum trophy and it was a hell of a lot of fun getting it. I also love the free DLC's we've been getting. It just makes me wish and wish for a RE3 remake or a Dino Crisis remake.... PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE !!!!!

AnubisG19d ago

I think RE3 remake has been talked about because of the success of RE2R.

Matrix619d ago

I really hope they're already working on another classic Remake to be released near the next Gen launch.

AnubisG19d ago

One more trophy until I get the platinum. Such an amazing game.

CloudStrife90019d ago

I well and truly lack the skill. Love the game, it's the best of the year for me so far, but will I ever complete it under 2.5 hours? Ha, no chance! Good luck on your final trophy! :)

AnubisG18d ago

Just got it today. It's really not that hard once you beat the game about 5-6 times before.😆

marioJP8719d ago

Isn't that a low amount shipped though?

CloudStrife90019d ago

RE VII shipped 6 million to date. Capcom state that sales for RE 2 are enjoying positive momentum, so I guess they're quite happy. It's also noted that it's the fastest selling game (UK) this year so far. No doubt they'll sell a few more million as time moves on. Nevertheless, Capcom are killing it this gen. Gotta give them that much.

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