5 Classic Square Enix Games We're Still Waiting to Arrive on Switch

While Nintendo has been knocking it out of the park with ports of classic Square Enix games, there are still a fair number of great titles from days gone by that deserve to see new life on the portable home console. To that end, these are the five classic Square Enix games we're still waiting for on Nintendo Switch.

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FallenAngel198428d ago

Why specify Switch as opposed to just wanting these ports on modern consoles in general?

Also why do people never mention Eidos games these kind of articles?

pietro121227d ago

In Xenogears case it could be because most of the orginal Xeno team now are owned by Nintendo. It would make since for a port, remaster or a remake on the Switch.

MrCrimson27d ago

it's impossible. apparently all the square games from that era have had their source codes misplaced. FF7 was able to be re-released because they were able to reverse engineer the PC ported version. It's a real shame. That's why there are no FF8, or many of the other popular square titles from that era.

pietro121227d ago

Really? I had no idea. I know they lost the code for FFVIII, but not Xenogears.

FallenAngel198427d ago

It would make sense to port Xenogears to any modern platform

pietro121227d ago

Square and Monolith Soft should team up for a Xenogears remake.

MrCrimson27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

they should, but xenosaga didn't sell well and while the people who played xenogears love it, it is sort of a cult classic, rather than a game that would warrant a AAA budget remake.

FalconofLucis9827d ago

Im glad FF7 was FF7 and not that thing called Xenogears, phew history was almost changed in that instance. Im glad Sakaguchi said no to Takahashi's draft of FF7, and instead went with his own, Kitase's, Nomura's and Nojima's ideas.

pietro121227d ago

Xenogears didn't need to be a FF title anyways. Sure, it would of got the sells it deserved under a FF title, but that game did not fit as a FF title. It was something much more. Despite not being completed it's probably Square's best title along side Vagrant Story.