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"Crackdown 3 is a disaster both in presentation and gameplay and fails to move the franchise forward. The game is utterly unsatisfying and lifeless and isn't worth anyone's time"

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DeadSilence31d ago

Microsoft at this point should just fire the whole Xbox structure & replace it.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

Yeah, just start over because of crackdown. C'mon

knickstr31d ago

Crackdown, sea of thieves, and state of decay. Their reputation for quality is nose diving right now. The only consistently good games have been forza in the last couple of years.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

It's just been beaten to death already. They've invested in studios and it'll take some time to see if they're successful. I mean, MS doesn't even own Sumo Digital, right, so "firing the Xbox structure" for a partner's failure seems a bit over the top to me.

xX-oldboy-Xx31d ago

This is their 3rd crack at console gaming and new studios will save them? For a brand to have such a strong parent company, they bloody stink at xbox.

Having new studios, while good - is not the saving grace. They need to make good games. They don't fall out of trees.

How many more chances do they get?

EmperorDalek31d ago

Or at the very least they should get some new developers to make more and better games... if only they'd think of that.

CP_Company31d ago

it is not 2,2 game but of course neither and 8 or 9.

Lon3wolf31d ago

Indeed it is worth about 6 or 7 out of 10 imo for the SP.

JeffGUNZ31d ago

Yeah I'd give it about a 7 tops. I have a trial for gamepass so I gave this a go and it's actually fun. It's very similar to the playstyle to the first one. I am enjoying the single player, it's def not even close to a 2.

Sw33tBoi31d ago

Yeah a low score like this should be reserved for games that are so broken they're near unplayable.

Potnoodle99931d ago

Definitely NOT a 2, a 6 or 7 tops. I think a 4 or 5 is understandable as it is a massive failure (although 4 does seem slightly harsh...) but this is just overkill haha
I think they’re trying to make a point with this “review”

JokerBoy42231d ago

This reviews reads as if all they played was Wreaking Zone, which yeah, is horrible. The campaign is great though!

Necr0philiac30d ago

Giving this game a 2/10 is just as bad as if someone gave it a 10/10

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ssmilloy3631d ago

how many times does the article have to say crackdown 3. crack down 3. crackdown three. omg I have up

Baza31d ago

At least people can play on game pass and not have to purchase this garbage

Veneno31d ago

It seems to me as though Microsoft is taking the "Netflix of gaming" thing to its fullest. Meaning, there's all sorts of great stuff and also garbage on services like Netflix and Hulu. Mostly garbage. A lot of this trash somehow finds an audience because the entry level is so cheap at only $10 per month.

Microsoft, like Netflix, realizes they need original content exclusive to the platform. But it doesn't have to be superb. Just consumable.

Microsoft wants to be Netflix/ Hulu.
Sony is HBO, with a commitment to the highest quality possible.
Nintendo is the family friendly network programming that can be accessible to everyone.

It's interesting to compare the big 3 to their counterparts in other industries.

Thundercat7730d ago

"At least"

That's the Xbox quality signature right there and that's why gamepass was created so "At least" people don't complain about it too much.