Top 7 Most Gorgeous Guys of Gaming

People always talk about and compare the hottest video game heroines. What about all the attractive men? Let's salute seven of the hottest heroes appearing in 2019's games.

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DaDrunkenJester30d ago

Stop objectifying men and setting unrealistic standards that our average men can't reach. I can't compete with Terry and Leon and all these anime characters!!

Traecy30d ago

LOL! Guessing you've got nothing to worry about,they're not even real except Terry & imo he's no looker.

ButtAnihilator30d ago

The only thing wrong I see with Terry is that he's not on my bed right now.

Traecy30d ago

@ButtAnihilator...Alright now!!! LOL!!

KillZallthebeast30d ago

I've shaved my head since I was 18 and have had a ripped body. But I will never be a terry. This makes me sad inside. Hey guys lets start a group thats pro men that shuts down any women objectifying us!

Traecy30d ago

LMAO!! Whoever came up with this list must be high especially saying these non human characters are gorgeous. Smh.

DaDrunkenJester30d ago

Anime fans amirite? haha Why not characters like Joel, Nathan Drake, John Marston, Sir Galahad or some characters that are actually based on real men haha

AlienFodder30d ago

Seriously? Are you telling me that you've never read online about guys drooling over Lara Croft or Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect, or any other video game heroine/character for that matter? I'm pretty sure the term "gorgeous" has been used many times to describe vg characters. I'm not saying it's right, but that would mean there's thousands of gamers (male and female) who are high.... ;)

DaDrunkenJester30d ago

I think he means characters who are anime vs characters based on some form of realism. Miranda Lawson is based on an actual actress.

Traecy30d ago

I'm a woman & I think the selection is a joke! If the list were real people (men) like Terry then I would understand.