Apex Legends player spends $500 on loot to get the Heirloom items

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale, yes free to play means people are not obligated to use real money in order to obtain items, however the degree of rarity of some of these items is so high that it is impossible to get them if you do not put your hand in your wallet and that is exactly what one player has done, spending a ridiculous $ 500 to find an Heirloom set.

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Tankbusta4027d ago

People like this need to be slapped.

ocelot0727d ago

Thing is though this is why the whole gaming community should treat loot boxes as gambling. The guy is addicted and spent all that money in hope of winning the jackpot (in his eyes) just like gamblers do in casinos.

He does not need a slap. He simply needs help for his addiction. Gambling should not be apart of video games even if they are free to play. The guy wanted a specific skin and EA where more than happy to take his money for a "chance" to get the skin. Why not just sell that skin outright to him? Instead of having him gamble in hope of getting what he wanted?

FunAndGun27d ago

It might not be a gambling addiction, but a need to impress online communities that drive this.

bluefox75527d ago

I don't know about that. I don't see this as any different than someone spending hundreds on Magic the Gathering packs to get a specific card. It's stupid IMO, but without a monetary reward, it's not really the same as real gambling. It might be, like FunAndGun mentioned, an attempt to "buy" clout or popularity in a community. That seems far more likely tbh.

Scar-27d ago

The difference between a gambler though is they can break even or make profit. If this guy got the item at 200-300 bucks he would still be a dumbass. Gamblers have highs and lows this is all low that item has ZERO value in the really world. I max out on DLC at 20 bucks and thats real DLC I don't do skins.

CrimsonWing6927d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Dude you can't speak for the guy.

Did you even read his reddit post?

He knew exactly what he was doing. He just wanted the stupid heirloom and by the time he opened the 500th crate he spent $500. That's the gamble you take with loot boxes it's NO different than buying and opening booster packs for card games hoping to get something rare.

privatepothed27d ago

Who cares . He spent the money he is an adult we don’t need to hold his hand

Tyrant 8 RDFL27d ago

totally agree with you. I felt this way about Overwatch. Loot boxes are not good for us. It's a very unfair way to sell items. I personally do not have the desire to buy loot boxes, so I have no issues ignoring them. Unfortunately there are others who just go for it, and this encourages the company to keep loot boxes around.

Please ignore the loot boxes, and force the company to sell the items to us outright.

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Astros127d ago

Why? It’s his fucking money. Who are you to decide judgement on this? If he went in there saying I want this specific skin set then it is not gambling because he knows what it’s gonna take to get it. How can you say he is addicted? I buy cosmetic shit all the time PUBG, Smite, Madden, Fortnite (Son) and Blackout (Son). But hey if it’s not in my budget this week hey he or I ain’t getting shit. If anyone should be slapped, should be you for blatant stupid remarks!

Hungryalpaca27d ago

Thanks for being the problem and ruining it for the rest of us.

Highlife27d ago

Ruin it? It's a skin who cares. Has no effect on the game. If you want to play dress up cool but it has no effect on gameplay and the game is free.

lildudexst27d ago

Hater 😂 It his money bro. He looking for the set 😂 he not grinding for it


Hey it’s his money, spend it how you like.

Notellin27d ago

Just like people are free to express their opinion.

Eidolon27d ago

And we are free to judge people like that.

Notellin26d ago

Weird I said the exact thing you said and I received down votes. Classic N4G.

Pinkamena_Diane_Pie27d ago

If this is money he's worked for, and he's paid his bills, who's right is it to say what he does with the remainder? If he's happy, that's all that matters.

Shikoku27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

When what you do with "your" money directly hinders, changes or effect my experience and cause something I pay for or play to get worse then I do and so does everyone else it effects. Asshats like that is why we have to deal with miserable games like Anthem and companies like Actifail and EA.

Scar-27d ago

Exactly we vote with our wallets attitudes like this is why we got a 2k FILLED with micro-transactions.

atomaweapon27d ago

i bet my left nut youre a bernie sanders voter sitting in your moms basement poor

Weeblordbad27d ago

Except there are plenty of games that don't have these things and you're more than welcome to play them instead. No one at any of the things you listed are obligated to make games to your specification, and no one has a gun to your head saying you must play all games.

Like how are you "dealing" with Anthem? I dealt with it by ignoring it and not playing it....WOW. I must be some kind of wizard to figure that out.

spicelicka27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

We don't have the right to force him to use his money in a certain way but we certainly have the right to call him a moron.

Notellin27d ago

Exactly. It doesn't matter how much money you make buying digital cosmetic items for this game have zero real world value.

ninerguy160827d ago

Babies crying about someone who spent their own money. World we live in getting so sad. When some baby tells someone they need to be slapped for spending their money. More like the baby who is telling this guy how to spend his money,needs daddy to spank his ass. Pathetic

Notellin27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I'm enjoying the game just like everyone else but this is an embarrassment. Thanks for making the game free for everyone else by blowing your money on useless digital items regardless.

atomaweapon27d ago

sorry you're poor and stupid bro

spicelicka27d ago

Haha i think we found the moron the article is talking about.

Cris7tiano27d ago

sorry you're rich (doubt it) and still stupid, bro.

Notellin27d ago

What a stupid worthless comment. I would take any bet you are willing to make that I have a better and higher education and make more money than you.

You don't have to be poor and stupid to not waste your money on things of zero value like digital items.

You will grow up and mature one day.

Weeblordbad27d ago

Who dictates the value of things to people personally?

Notellin26d ago

Well let's just for the sake of argument say value is importance, worth, or usefulness. Digital cosmetic items don't meet any of those criteria.

If you want to tell me how a digital cosmetic items meets any definition of value than go ahead and make something up to save face.

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