I'm Not Mad At Kingdom Hearts 3, I'm Just Disappointed

It's not you Sora, it's me

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Dabigsiebowski31d ago

Tetsuya Nomura is a great artist for sure. But my god can we finally exit the Weeb/emo stage of characters in Square Games? The Voice acting and the lame emotional tension is almost every scene in all the games have been a complete drag. Give us REAL authentic characters with personality. I'm tired of feeling like I have to cater to these characters emotions just because they decide to be a little bitch about everything.

Blu3_Berry31d ago

Yeah I can't deny the heavily anime voice acting in it. I don't mind dubbing for anime stuff and games alike, but something with Sqaure Enix sounds really off. It does not sound natural at all. Just very forced and emo like you said.

wolf58131d ago

I played the game for around 10 hours..and yes I m disappointed too...I mean graphics are almost toy story like especially in real time cut scenes..but this game I think it feels somehow dated...very linear for today's standards,voice acting its very lets say unsouled with a weak cliche story.the game is very easy ,even in proud mode I passed three worlds without drying once..and after a while you keep pressing two buttons...and watch flashes,flashes,choreography presets fights, cut scenes etc...dont make me wrong its a collectible addition to anyone's game library but not for its super,innovative gameplay like RDR2 or ZELDA,GOW but for its unique art style and for let you actually enter the world of Disney as a hero from an other dimension.who never wanted to enter toy story and help buzz and woody.

Name Last Name31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

On the story side I was satisfied but it was way too easy and there is no doubt that the content is lacking compared to KH2. Where is my Olympus Coliseum Tournament???

Traecy31d ago

I'm 20 hrs in & the game is fine to me.

forkymental31d ago

A lot of people had a problem with how it ended. I was liking it "okay", but the ending nerfed it for me.

Antnee53431d ago

I was only sad with how easy the game is and a choice they made at the end.

Mosh-31d ago

I am pretty sure the director of that franchise is genuinly mentally ill. How can you make so many cash grabs canon and expect people to keep up with the story which is nonsensical, plot-hole driven and insulting either way? Thank God he was fired from Final Fantasy and thank God he's only working on a mere remake of FF7 where he can't alter the story to his liking to make it incomprehensible.

DemoIishor31d ago

I have never played these games and I don't know much about them, but from what I do know, it sounds like KH3 was destined to disappoint people. The first two games are revered so much, and I detect a great deal of nostalgia in that reverence. Then there's the fact that most of the fans were kids when they played KH1 and 2 and are now adults with the release of KH3. When you combine these all together, it makes it pretty clear KH3 could never live up to the expectations, the memories, and the love the fans have for the first two.

oakshin31d ago

Yep right with you Ive thought the same thing for years I just don't know anyone personally that played it(I played most of the first one on ps3 but not my thing maybe I'm to old for winny kids in Disney land)to talk about it with but the main thing is the nostalgia factor and that has me numb on ff7 remake the nostalgia is going to make it hard for me to like it

wwinterj31d ago

Most folk who played the series from the start are happy with how this game turned out. This isn't a article from someone who likes the series though.

FalconofLucis9831d ago

we're at DEFCON 1 for the FF7R, hopefully it goes back to 5

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