Was PlayStation's E3 criticism justified?

Sony's issue with the world's biggest video games show might be more to do with changes in its own strategy.

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Apocalypse Shadow34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

**Layden was candid, but in a controlled away, with plenty of talk about past mistakes and how great its competitors are -- it was right out of the Phil Spencer PR playbook.**


It was out of the "winning but humble" playbook.

Sony already knows they have a worldwide brand that sells consoles every generation. But they feel E3 should go in the direction of Comic con. They don't want to bring games to Comic con. But be like that environment where people come together to experience something up close. Which is why PSX was created. Not just to do a final Christmas push. But to have the base enjoy Playstation with other fans of Playstation.

Layden seems to want a show where E3 becomes a show where fans of games come together to celebrate games or what's the point of allowing gamers into E3? It used to be that you had to be a part of the industry to get in or wrote about it. If other companies aren't interested in that, that's their decision for their businesses. They don't have to follow Sony. Nintendo isn't following. That's why they do Directs. Which is to talk directly to the base and control their own message.

Gamers complained about Sony's E3 maybe because they expected an even higher format than the previous awesome presentation. Like having Josh Groban singing with the back drop of an orchestra filarmonica. Instead of spending that money on presentation, they can spend that on single player games and VR. Or a conference where gamers can get their hands on upclose. But even those 4 games were amazing. And VR games like Firewall were on the show floor. Mostly everything Microsoft announced were or are coming to Playstation. Sony knew they had nothing to compete. And we see how Crackdown turned out.

Sony is going to be Sony. The company you can rely on every generation to deliver games and not talk about it. Not hoping for 3rd parties but making deals with them. Not saying you're innovating but actually doing it like VR. No matter how they deliver the message, fans know they'll get a variety of what they want guaranteed.

SuperSonic9134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

After watching ShawnLayden's DICE keynote... now I know what a genius of a guy he is. He is very good with his words.
He is a nice lookin gentle guy with a swords for words.
No wonder PS4 and PSN is doing great!
Smart guy.

Imortus_san34d ago

2018 was the worst Playstation E3 ever, it was painfull to see.

AK9134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Clearly you never saw Sony E3 2006

Imortus_san33d ago

I did, but then again PS3 was about to be launched and we did not know its flaws or what it was capable of, while in 2018 we already know the PS4 and even if it showed better games, they were much less in number and variety, the pacing, the flaut thing, just horrible, the hole presentation was really bad.

AK9134d ago

I thought this article was talking about the PS3 E3 conference, man the criticism for that event was so harsh but necessary.