Battle royale for Rainbow Six: Siege "out of the question"

Gamereactor talked to brand director Alex Remy at the Six Invitational in Montreal, where he said that Siege isn't planning on moving into the packed genre.

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Zjet30d ago

E3 2019

Ubisoft announces: Tom Clancys: Battle Royale, a tactical Battle Royal with all your favourite characters from Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell.

Honestly, If any of the series was going to get it, i'd be Ghost Recon Wildlands.....It's just setup to perfectly.

I'd rather a new Splinter Cell though, thanks.

PapaBop30d ago

You're probably right however after how well Apex has done with how well Respawn/EA announced and marketed the game, I imagine Ubi will wait until E3 2020 to announce it and make sure they get it right as they know they're sitting on a potential gold mine with a BR game. I have to say though, a more "tactical" flavour of BR would certainly pique my interest.

Alternatively, I could see them add it to Division 2 sometime down the line. While GR certainly would be a good fit for a BR mode, so would Division, the way the cover 3 man squad mechanics work would be a great fit for BR.

ninerguy160830d ago

Have to up the damage for the division but yeah. Already has special tier weapons in it. But wildlands being 3rd person. With vehicles. Real world weapons too. It basically could be a much better version of pubg.

C4rnos30d ago

Considering the Division already had a BR mode dlc i'd imagine it's possible Div.2 will get one, that said i loved the co-operative version of it.

worked really well in the cold environment with survival aspects to deal with too.

-volt-30d ago

I live for the day Battle Royale modes disappear.

Veneno30d ago

Pretty foolish. 10s of millions play the genre over dozens of platforms. It ain't going nowhere.

blacktiger30d ago

why do you have so much hatred on something you can easily play another game?
you must be so angry almost your entire life,

OMGitzThatGuy30d ago

He wants to get back to the days of 5v5 TDM being the only gamemode worth playing.

ninerguy160827d ago

I didn't care for them before blackout. Now I play blackout and apex. Maybe because I'm familiar with titanfall and cod. As long as they don't force it half made into a game i dont care. I either ply or don't. More options is ok with me. Plus the popular fortnite even to non gamers could help them expand their views

Veneno30d ago

It would never work in Seige. Seige is essentially a fighting game deguised as a shooter. Ubisoft would make an entirely new game instead if they do BR.

30d ago
SLiSH8330d ago

If Ubi doesn’t do it, I’m hoping a dev from Sony wakes up and makes a SOCOM BR

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