Metro Exodus Looks Sick in These 4K Gameplay Videos

COGconnected: We got our hands on Metro Exodus to show you the first thirty minutes of the game and to explore post-apocalyptic Russia's distinct map environments including forests, deserts and snowy settlements.

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zodiac90930d ago

It can look sick, but the NPC look, move and react as if they belong in a fallout game from last gen LOL

Dark_Knightmare229d ago

Yeah you obviously don’t remember fallout games from last gen

AnthonyDavis29d ago

Waiting for the crack so I can play on 1440p ultra.

EmperorDalek30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I still hate when people use the word "sick" in this context. Being sick is the opposite of awesome.

But yes, the game looks terrific.

rockwhynot29d ago

Guessing you don't skateboard

AnthonyDavis29d ago

Guess he’s like 50 years old.

blacktiger29d ago

terrific is or terrified :p

81BX29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Maybe I just haven't figured it out but on xbox can anyone adjust the sensitivity when looking up and down?

starchild29d ago

I'm playing this game on my PC and the atmosphere and gameplay are fantastic. The visuals overall are among the best I've ever seen in any game. Just loving the experience all around.

DrumBeat29d ago

Dude, when Artyom breathes in cold weather, not only can you see his breath, but you can see it on his mask. The level of detail is insane.

Pickledpepper29d ago

Brought this day one and just can't get in to it.
It does look really good but the controls are sluggish and slow to respond and feels forced, the characters talk over each other making it hard to understand and sometimes make no sense at all.
Really had high hopes for this game but really not enjoying it. I hope they patch it and then I will continue where I left off.

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