NVIDIA Dominates The Steam Hardware & Software Survey, Yet Again

Every month Steam releases its survey listing the hardware and software used by its users, and NVIDIA is still the most popular GPU brand.

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No_Pantaloons30d ago

Not based on their 20xx line though, those sales are terrible. Every 10xx series card is in the top 11. Thats awful news for nvidia since it means they already got those sales over the last 3 years and no one is looking to upgrade.

TheVigilanteCode30d ago

That's 58.3% on that chart alone.


rockwhynot30d ago

Is it true that less than 1% of people use the 20 series cards?

rockwhynot29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Hahahahaha so nobody ended up being able to afford those cards. Do you think Nvidia will lower the prices due to low sales numbers?