Someone is working on a Silent Hill 2 first-person remake in Unreal Engine 4

DSOGaming writes: "Silent Hill 2 is considered by many as the best part in Konami’s horror series. And even though Konami does not plan to release any remake similar to the one that Capcom offered for Resident Evil 2, someone is working on a proof of concept project, aiming to bring some scenes from this game to Unreal Engine 4."

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Pastemaniak31d ago

Sad thing is that the only thing working in Konami right now is their copyright deparment

Parasyte31d ago

Yep. They will shut this down in a few months.

remixx11631d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I'll do it in dreams

Fluttershy7731d ago

It looks really bad... I praise the effort. I wish Konami would do something like this, but not without some sort of directorial advise from the original team...
Please Konami look at Capcom, just look at them... They made money with their Megaman and Resident Evil, you can do the same...
I swear I'd pay anything for something well made... AGHHHHH!