Naked fighter 3D PC preview - A pretty neat and promising nude +18 fighting game - TGG

"Sam3DX got a pretty neat and promising title in the making with his nude +18 fighting game "Naked fighter 3D", and this is the reason why." - Nicholas Kingsley, TGG.

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whothedog30d ago

First! This game looks titillating.

TGG_overlord30d ago

Indeed ;) I don't know if it was a bug or not, but I did actually mange to use my love bombs as a weapon xD

Fist4achin30d ago

We'll keep you abreast of the situation.

Ristul29d ago

This epic fight Will end in a big climax.

Samus70730d ago

n4g coming through with the spice again. Best website 👀

TGG_overlord30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Well, there's something for everyone to enjoy with no doubt ;)

TGG_overlord30d ago

It's a really cool and "different" fighting game for sure :3

MegaKooter30d ago

Someone is gonna be pissed about this game, if this was the 1990s I would say it would be the "think of the children!!!" Christian types. These days it's the "think of the females" sjw types.

TGG_overlord30d ago

I think that's bound to happen, yes...But those who aren't like that, they just enjoy the game and that's it.

23d ago
TGG_overlord30d ago

That's also why I hope that the dev will fix all the things that Nick listed in his review, because then the game is going to become even more awesome.

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