Game Workers Unite Organization Calling for Bobby Kotick to Be Fired Amidst Mass Layoffs

Game Workers Unite, a grassroots organization of game devs, are calling to fire Bobby Kotick and his $30 million dollars a year salary after the mass layoffs that are transpiring at Activision-Blizzard.

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Jin_Sakai29d ago

He’s worth $7 billion and makes $30 million annually and has the nerves to lay off 800 people?


Rimeskeem29d ago

Saying he has nerves is probably a bad assumption. The only nerve he has is when money touches him and makes him feel warm and fuzzy.

Eonjay28d ago

The main takeaway is that consumers were not happy with Activision or its practices and obviously Neither is Bungie. The people willing to create the types of environments and gut the market are the people at the top of organizations like this. Money reigns supreme to some and even in this comment section there are individuals who will defend the firing of the 800 workers.
They are too dumb to realize that the men making millions are the men who made the decisions that forfeited the employees job in the first place. People are cattle to them and their lack of any higher calling is their downfall because the will simply cannibalize each other as they are a virus on the human race.

excaliburps29d ago

He's worth $7 BILLION???? WTF!

blacktiger28d ago

why are you in shock, all ceo makes that much money,

blacktiger28d ago

i got dislike because i said every ceo makes that kind of money lol?!

KillBill28d ago

@blacktiger - obviously disagreeing with your outlandish idea that ALL CEOs make that much money. Only very large companies have the ability to pay their CEO the kind of money that you see him earning. Many more smaller companies exist where CEO does not come close to making such money.

locomorales29d ago

This is how free market capitalism works. Kotick is doing great as a CEO, making a lot of value tô share holders.

Companies are made to make mkney. Employees are Just dipendable resouces.

I know it's sad but faster you undestand that faster you can flight back.

Godmars29028d ago

Not to mention contributing to the devaluing the whole of human existence. That's another fun thing capitalism does that no one seems to bring up. Or just say "Oh well" to.

Mind you socialism, when taken to extreme, is no better if not worse, its just that capitalism taken to extreme results in thing like the current US healthcare crisis.

Sono42128d ago

Wow a lot of socialism in here. What healthcare crisis? Obamacare? yeah I guess you could call the a crisis, but that's more socialist than capitalist. Also it should be noted you are not entitled to a job, your company hires you to make more money, if they have to make cuts they have to make cuts, now is it necessarily the people who got fired's fault? Maybe not, but pointing out how much this guy is worth means literally nothing in this exact situation, who I doubt even had much to do with all of this, he probably simply hires people to mainly run the business for him, we can only hope the people who actually caused the layoffs also got fired, but blaming it on capitalism as a whole, and saying it devalues human life is radical idiocy.

UrTearsRSkittles28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@ Sono
Healthcare crisis as in drugs costing thousands, treatments intended to save lives only being accessible to the very rich, insurance companies picking what they will cover.. etc. I get that you put party values before obvious truths, but your party rhetoric and hate for the other side can't make facts, like a health care crisis, disappear. It is capitalism that drove these costs through the roof, not socialism. Obamacare was and is not a solution, but at least it was action to try to stem the rise in costs.

Your other points are flawed too. Maybe read a book.

MegaKooter28d ago


All socialism is extreme.
Either way thanks to Capitalism more people have been uplifted out of poverty than ever before. The capitalism the better.

madpuppy28d ago

"free market capitalism" taken to the extreme is a danger but, Socialism still has a 100% failure rate. The US is kind of a hybrid Capitalism with Social aspects...and that is about the best we are probably going to do. It may not be perfect, But I'll take it over this pie in the sky fantasy of somehow full blown Socialism will make everybody want for nothing and all the wrongs of the world will be some distant memory of an eviler time.

Godmars29028d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yeah, all of the Chinese workers who "walked off" their jobs from the top of the Foxcom building, the US steel workers who outright lost their job to 3rd world manufacturing, and even many in the gaming industry that get laid off on a whim with little to no compensation, no real economic protections, would surely agree with you...

Think it need to be understood that the US is not an example of socialism and capitalism hybridization. There are just too many examples that it leans towards capitalist extremism, with that then threatening social extremism. Especially because the former is so bad and uncompromising.

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Laskin29d ago

Communists gonna communize...

Ogygian29d ago

Perhaps he is worth more than those 800 people.

With a bad CEO, the whole company folds, meaning everyone gets laid off.

We shall see.

locomorales29d ago

It's not that simple. You can make a company with the objective to grow and expand, trying to make the best for employers and customers. You see this kind of company in Japan and Europe. Even in US pre 80s we had that.

But Activision choose to be a money factory for shareholders. That's an option. And they hire CEOs to acomplish that.

Ogygian29d ago


And they get their money from customers, who willingly fork over their cash for Activision-Blizzard products.

Anyway, I'm not defending Activision, and I don't like Kotick. I'm just attacking what seem to be rather ignorant praises of socialism and state-restricted markets (i.e. censorship and regulation) in this comments section.

locomorales28d ago

In the end you're defending Activision and Kotick. =D

Godmars29028d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Not the whole company. Those responsible may not only get out of a folding company with golden parachutes, but further larger ones added to by the pensions and savings of the people they've put out of work.

Still can't get my head around the "business practice" of leverage buyouts where you buy a troubled company with its own value, make it so that it's value then becomes more than it's worth putting it in worse shape than it was before, then running off with the difference leaving everyone else screwed. That such practices have not only been made legal and common, but easier to do thanks to bought politicians and lawmakers.

Cobra95128d ago

Being pro-fellow-man is not at all the same as socialism. I'm as conservative as it gets around here, and I think the balance is tipped way too far in favor of corporations. And no wonder, with a horrible Supreme Court decision like Citizens United, and corporations basically owning election finance.

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Godmars29028d ago

And he's as likely either done worse or been doing such for years.

Wait. That's not defending the A-hole, is it?

Well good. Screw him anyway.

Poopmist28d ago

They probably realized that a lot of marketing guys were just unnecessary. Most marketing for videogames is done basically for free via youtubers, word of mouth, and reviews(except for possible bribes of course).

blacktiger28d ago

it's not disgusting when democracy allows it,

harmny28d ago

how do you think he is worth 7 billion? hiring people and giving away money?

Mulletino28d ago

Umm ya if they were costing the company money. Let their talents shine elsewhere where they bring value. Enough with the envy. If you’re that concerned with other people’s money go out and gain some skills, work hard, make some of your own.

MegaKooter28d ago

Those jobs weren't available anymore. They were esports and social media jobs.

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lociefer29d ago

That's some grade A punchable face right here

CanadianTurtle28d ago

You'd have to get through his $1000/hour assassin body-guards first xD

awdevoftw29d ago

Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of the tech/ software industry. I have had family work at ea, spectrum holobyte, Sony, Sega, and a few others not game related. Some layoffs come as you walk in the door, and escort you out like a criminal, without warning. Granted, the game companies are somewhat more cool about layoffs, but some tech companies dont give a shit about you. The only way to fix it is unionize and quit the hb1 visas.

Sirk7x28d ago

Unfortunately, our education system isn't good enough to fill the highest end jobs in the industries where the US leads, which is one of the reasons why we fast-track people in the first place. If we get rid of that visa, or if other countries' tech industries catch up to/surpass ours, those qualified people would stop immigrating, our education system wouldn't be up to snuff to fill those positions, and we fall way behind everyone else.

awdevoftw28d ago

Those immigrants come here for schooling. Our education systems are good enough, but there is a lack of quality students in America. It certainly goes deeper than that, but this isn't the forum for that.

XiNatsuDragnel29d ago

We need this guy out of Activision

M3th29d ago

i think you missed the bigger picture

AnotherProGamer26d ago

you should look at a lot of the people that were fired, they weren't involved with the creation of the games. they were positions like social media analyst or e-sports planner

rainslacker29d ago

GWU has no authority to call for such a thing. Even if EA was a union shop, it wouldn't have that authority. That is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, and if he continues to under perform, then it'll probably happen. Not because he layed off 800 workers, as that's just a result of their poor performance, and likely would have happened to trim the fat anyways, but because of the actual poor performance.

excaliburps29d ago

Yep. Sad reality but true. If people want this guy out, don't support theirr games.

harmny28d ago

if you dont support their games they go bankrupt and instead of 800 layoffs you have 8000 layoffs

Smokehouse29d ago

The only sensible comment in the bunch. Do people really not understand why a CEO makes more than assembly line worker? How are people this ignorant? The havenots are worried about Koticks paycheck and bitch about what investors make compared to them? Okay what money did you put up to start Activision? What money would you owe if Activision went bankrupt? NOTHING LMAO. The pure stupidity of people is frustrating.

ChristopherJack28d ago

Many executives are not liable or held accountable when their companies fold.

Smokehouse28d ago

If the company folds the investors put a dumb person in charge and got what they deserved. That’s the risk. If lowly game devs want to share the risk then I say go for it. How many devs would work for free until the game is done and then get a salary based on how the game does? Not many I imagine. If the game is a hit you get a nice raise, if the game flops your pay gets cut in half. If your game gets canceled 2 years in you just worked for free and wasted time and money. Wow that sucks, welcome to the world of investment.

The thing is kotick is making Activision billions of dollars, 30m is peanuts compared the investment put into game development. I have zero love for Activision, I think they are a joke. The only thing I dislike more is the “Capitalism is the devil” types lol. Stupid people, economic illiterates.

If you are a game developer making 100k a year and you are bitching about how a CEO is making millions then you are probably an idiot. Not you personally but you in general.

deafdani28d ago

The thing is, Activision Blizzard actually had their best year ever in 2018. So nope, the company performed amazing, and it's very likely that Bobby Kotick is now seen as more valuable than ever as CEO. Their reasoning was that, despite their amazing performance, there's a lot of unnecessary positions in the company that calls for a restructuration to arguably yield even better results in the future, so that's why they made the massive layoffs despite being healthier than ever. This is capitalism and corporate greed in a nutshell. Bobby Kotick ain't going anywhere yet.

Smokehouse28d ago

Greed is some lowly peon with zero risk in the organization demanding their “fair share” of anything. If you don’t like corporations then don’t work for one, it’s that simple. Go get a state job sitting at a desk twiddling your thumbs for awesome benefits and pension. Don’t worry, the American tax payer will take on the debt of your worthless position.

rainslacker28d ago

They've had a couple severe stock drops in the past couple years. That isn't something investors tend to like, as it gives less confidence that they'll maintain themselves. Otherwise, you're right, if they are still pulling numbers, then he'll probably be fine. The expectations they aren't meeting are the ones they themselves set up, which does affect the selling price of the stocks, but some fluctuations are always going to happen.

Xb1ps428d ago


It’s ignorant ppl like you that I can’t stand.... if it’s all about risk then let the damn over paid ceo risk his ass out of the leather chair and make the damn product him self.. oh he can’t now can he... has no damn clue just your typical key board stoker pencil pushing bullshit talker.

HIs position is just as worthless if everyone quit.. a campany can survive with out a ceo.... they won’t survive 24 hrs with no employees making the product, but if he can bullshit himself out of that mess then and only then would he be worth that much..

It’s a real shame how disgusting some ppl turn into when they hit that level of tax bracket, then feel like they don’t have to pay taxes either..

Smokehouse28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

[email protected] me ignorant with that dumbass dribble you just said.

CEOs are replaceable sure but not as easily as the employees you are talking about. If those 800 people that were fired had value then they wouldn’t be fired in the first place. If kotick tanks the numbers then he will be fired. Comparing some low level game dev to a CEO is laughable. You should be ashamed of how dumb you sound.

How are those employees going to work without a building, without funding and tools to do the job, without the INVESTMENT? You dummy. 100 percent of the risk is on the employer, that’s why they make more. Only a simpleton wouldn’t understand this.

Zenbaby36928d ago

@Smokehouse Risk is a choice. Risk is not a requirement to earn your share. This CEO isn't risking anything more than his pocket change. You know what though? It is a risk to work for these companies. A risk that according to you, is worthy of more pay. They betting their future on that job, they're risking everything. Lets talk about relativity. Let's talk about how much more CEOs get paid now over the past 15 years as compared to the lack of rising wage of the "peons". I understand where you're coming from, and how you think CEOs aren't easily replaced, but really they are. Sure, sometimes they make the company lots of money, but who are you to say it isn't just luck in many situations? You really think the product, the game that is made by these "peons" isn't what makes money? It is. These 800 people that got fired didn't get fired did have value, otherwise they wouldn't have been hired. They were deemed less valuable than their pay? Sure. But I don't care how "good a ceo is" 30m just doesn't make sense. If a companies profits deem a raise for ceo, everyone should get a raise of equal % because EVERYONE contributed, right?

Smokehouse28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The CEO is the one risking the investors money. I don’t care about the rest of your sob story about relativity. Without the initial investment there would be no game, there would be no job.

Also I didn’t say CEOs weren’t easy to replace, just that the 800 is much, much, much easier. If they are even getting replaced at all, maybe the position is dead. The CEO position isn’t dead lol. The guy before used that example, “well if everyone quit there would be no product!” But everyone didn’t quit, did they? 800 were fired for whatever reason. People don’t quit because they are easily replaced and nothing would change.

Xb1ps428d ago (Edited 28d ago )

What’s an investment with no peon skills to work in that building and make the product that is the true revenue resource...

Company had its best year.... all the tax breaks.... still pawn off 800 ppl to collect?! It’s not about fair share it’s about responsibility... when the market crashes let’s see who will be the first simpletons to jump out the top window.. this is not a start up company have some morals and responsibility do a better job on trying to find more revenue by being creative instead of taking the easy way and just firing ppl just so you can buy another multimillion dollar home that you spend a few weeks a yr in. All while us peons take care of the unemployment bill until the economy crashes..

This is bigger than a job title stupid... I’ll put money up you’re a trump turd 💩 maga!

Smokehouse28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Where are you getting this “no peons to work” shit from? How does 800 employees getting fired turn into Activision not having any employees or applicants? Or did you just say that because it’s the only way your logic works? I bet thousands are waiting to work at Activision.

When the market crashes lol. A lot of “what if’s” in your thought process and you are still wrong on all counts.

Xb1ps428d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I’m getting it from your ignorant ass rant on how the real work force are peons to you, and you still fail to see how ignorant that shit is?! Did you not read the title of this subject? I just hope they get enough ppl involved to show ppl like you how ignorant you are..

Oh.... acti... is actively looking to hire 800 ppl?! Please show me the link... I guess you are the only that can assume, must be your non peon job, right...

So you admit my logic works, it just doesn’t fit your agenda with your non peon job..

I guess only ceo’s Are allowed the what if’s.... must be a non peon job thing. nIce of you to glaze over the bigger pic. But hey that’s what ppl like you do until shit hits the fan..

All I know is I will not support this company just as I did att and all the other company’s that’s pull this shit when it’s not needed, will it do anything? Most likely not, I’m sure you wealthy ppl will continue on with your head up your ass..

Smokehouse28d ago

[email protected] trying to put your dumbass logic on me. My rant about the work force being peons? Don’t push your stupid on me, I said you can’t compare a CEO to a low level developer. It’s not my fault you don’t have a basic understanding of corporate structure or economics lol.

Where did I say they were hiring 800 people? I said they could if they wanted to, if the positions still even exist.

“So you admit my logic works”
Yeah it works when you make shit up and theorize on stupid scenarios like Activisions entire work force quitting. What a moronic thing to say. Stay mad you dummy.

“You wealthy” hahaha I’m a peon like everybody else. I’m just not a f***ing moron demanding a CEO salary or demanding my fair share of something I don’t invest in. I get paid to do my job, keep pipe dreaming, moron.

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neutralgamer199228d ago


Sad thing is Activision still made billions in profits but it was enough zeros

They keep over estimating that's all. Last COD made 550 million this one 500 million in 72houes yet to investors that's a loss of 50 million while the reality is one game made half of billion in 72 hours

rainslacker27d ago

The call for his removal, which holds no weight, is due to the layoffs. Investors don't necessarily view layoffs as a bad thing, as it means leaner operations, which means more profits, hence, better dividends.

Truth be told, the layoffs probably would have happened even if they didn't come up under expectations. That kind of thing is usually done in order to trim a bloated work force, and if they felt they weren't going to need those people to continue, layoffs make sense on a business level. Activision isn't anywhere on the verge of having to trim the bloat to stay alive, so this was done to maximize profits come next year, and it's the kind of thing that investors would probably expect to happen, instead of money being spent on people that company didn't need.

I know some people get upset about it, but its the way the business world works. It does suck for those people, and I do empathize with them, but GWU really has no place to call for him to be fired. Not only do they have no actual authority, Activision isn't a union shop. Its unknown how many of those being let go actually belong to the union, which is trying to make a name for itself amongst an industry that generally doesn't want to unionize, and realistically, this seems more like them trying to gain relevance on the back of others misfortune. To me though, they seem to have no clue how the industry or business works, or what the purpose of a union or it's representatives job is.

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