Kingdom Hearts 3 Fans Say The Game Is Way Too Easy, Hope For Hard Mode DLC

Fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 feel that the game is much easier than its predecessors, and are hoping for a "Critical Mode" DLC in the future.

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Snookies1232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yes, Critical Mode please! (Hopefully it would make the attraction rides much less frequent as well. They're far too OP.)

PatrickJS32d ago

Yeah! And they lose their "oomph" because you see them so often.

bouzebbal32d ago

Ridiculously easy. You get power ups so quickly and they are devastating..

OmnislashVer3631d ago

They need to dedicate L2(and R2) back to switching between Left and Right enemies. This makes the game more strategic, as choosing enemies is a big deal in ATB or ARPG.

As it stands, L2 IS FOR SWITCHING BETWEEN SPECIAL MOVES. WTF. You get so many special moves you have to choose between them. This is a big problem, and takes the "special" out of it, as well as the strategy behind what L2 used to be used for.


NecrumOddBoy31d ago

Today I learned that L2 switches between Specials? I have been just canceling them out to get to the good stuff. Ultima is a destroyer.

pwnmaster300032d ago

Tbh kingdom heart was never a hard game, the only time I had a hard time was sephiroth (which they took out) or the final boss. Really disappointed they took out sephiroth and was really surprise how easy they made the final boss. Hopefully they come out with a dlc.

Kornholic32d ago

Hard or not, KH and KH2 were clearly more challenging games than Kingdom Hearts 3. That's for sure.

Harkins172131d ago

What Kornaholic said. Proud mode in KH1 gave me the best challenge. KH2 still was good. KH3 has it in the TS world and then it's a pushover. It's sad it was so easy because for the final mix instead of working on something completely new they may have to focus on renalancing the game. So more things may get cut from the final mix that the game could have gotten as a nice DLC bump.

TheGamez10032d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The game actually has some good combat mechanics, its just that theyre crazy op and yea, too damn easy lol. Just use any situation command and its game over. Annoying that they just added in a ton more enemies on screen to balence it out but really it doesnt. Feels like dynasty warriors this way instead of more intense fewer enemies that need more strategy.
And pleeeeaase get rid of attraction commands.

Spurg32d ago

Too late I have traded it in...whats with this horrible trend of releasing games with no new gameplus modes. Granted not all games need it but the previous entries had those modes already in the game. God of War took months to release their NG+ by then everyone moved on to the fall games and now kH3 doesn't have an update in place for NG+ and with Metro and the march games coming no one will have time to play KH3.

Movefasta199332d ago

lol most gamers don't just move on to the next game like that, i'm going to assume most people buy 5 games a year?

rdgneoz332d ago

The trend of the entitled...

Harkins172131d ago

Yeah but that's you. Big KH fans want a bigger and better game. You moved on and I will to. But I can always come back and I want to.

General-Morpice32d ago

The game is way too easy on proud mode, I surmise they left out critical mode intentionally to add it later on. That being said, I'm not normally interested in critical mode but rather a proud mode that is actually challenging, minus the attractions of course, which quite frankly, shouldn't have been added to the game to begin with.

I also hope the DLC adds a mirage arena like world, fighting waves upon waves of enemies is the most satisfying thing you can do in this franchise.

Frinker32d ago

If it's so easy how come I'm stuck on the Monster's Inc boss

Harkins172131d ago

People can also suck at video games.

Harkins172131d ago

That you are in the minority when its comes to difficulty on KH3.

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