New Apex Legends Leak Teases 24-Person Squads

WGTC: “Last week we saw evidence that single and duo team modes were on their way to Apex Legends, but now we're seeing code indicating that 24 man teams could be coming.”

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chris23529d ago

i am sure it is helluva fun time to be with 23 random dudes in a shooter-squad because people are cool in general and in no way will there be the usual few who will spoil everything for the rest. i am sure this will be totally frustration-free.

Eidolon29d ago

Dude, no one is expecting a 24 player BR squad to be strategic, the mode is just a novelty. You play it just for the S&G's

InputTranslation28d ago

Shits and Giggles. It’s okay to swear

sinspirit29d ago

It would likely not be one giant squad of 24, but multiple squads on an entire team of 24 people.

GamingLord00728d ago

It will actually be 1 giant squad of 24, but instead of fighting each other, you'll unite and sit by the campfire singing Cumbaja until time runs out.

jairusmonillas29d ago

50vs50 was my favorite Fortnite mode it was too relaxing to play and was strangely abandoned by Epic.