Apex Legends May Be Adding Vehicles Soon

WGTC: “Data-miners have turned up evidence that hoverbikes have been tested in Apex Legends, which means we could be seeing them in a future update.”

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sinspirit34d ago

I doubt it. I wouldn't see why a potentially loud vehicle that limits your gun control and gives away your position would be worth it, along with how good the character mobility is

fr0sty34d ago

You never know, they could only have them on very large maps we haven't seen yet.

LucasRuinedChildhood34d ago

I don't know, the one thing that's really hurting this game for me (besides the "Party not ready" glitch) is how long you can go without getting into a gunfight. I think adding more players would be a better solution than adding vehicles though.

mandingo34d ago

Damn I wish I was good at this game. Great change from traditional BR but I cannot aim in this game. Cant pinpoint why but i suck at aiming. Oh well

sinspirit34d ago

A common habit is when you just want to constantly fire your weapon when they are in your crosshairs once. If you do this too, try and get used to being more strict with when they're actually in crosshairs and not just when they're close. I've been working on that habit myself lol

LucasRuinedChildhood34d ago

I noticed that as well. I had to adjust my sensitivity a lot and bump up the ADS sensitivity to be a bit more than the general aim settings.

poppatron34d ago

I find I’m generally way shittier with certain weapons, my fave combo is a spitfire with as many add ons as I can find and the Eva shotgun. I find I can hit enemies at range with short bursts of the spitfire and up close you can just hold down the trigger. The Eva isn’t mega powerful but you can fire off rounds quickly. But some other weapons I’m missing everything, haha!

zodiac90934d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Battle Royal feels like such a waste of time...join a game, wait 5 min for it to load, wait 5 min just to land, die within 5 min, repeat. Ugh braindead.

SLiSH8334d ago

Maybe try killing someone with in that 5 minutes

Sokol34d ago

It' doesn't take five minutes to load or five minutes to land...

You could die within five minutes if you are in bad landing spot and not playing with your team.

Try working together, sticking with your team and actually use the mic to effectively communicate.

You will see large progress in game enjoyment.

GamingLord00734d ago

Will the Playstation be able to handle these vehicles as well? That'd be amazing!