Crackdown 3 Review - All It's Cracked Up To Be? [Wccftech]

"Crackdown 3 is a weird one to review because it feels distinctly out of date. The delays and changes in direction have resulted in a modern game with design sensibilities that feel over a decade old, but they hold up incredibly well. While not a long campaign, the time I spent with Crackdown 3 was a lot of fun and it's an easy recommendation to fans of the original. Just make sure to play as Terry Crews to improve the experience."

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iain0429d ago

As much as I am enjoying playing the game had I paid for it rather than gett8ng it through game pass I would be a bit miffed. I fully agree with the mixed reviews. That being said this is the guy who enjoyed The Order and Knack as well.


Well I for one enjoyed The Order and especially Knack. The Order has its short coming sure but dont understand why Knack is demonized. Its a simple fun game that can be a challenge. The way theyre supposed to be correct. Knack never promised the world as Microsoft has.

ButtAnihilator29d ago

You shouldn'5 be ashamed of enjoying knack, it's EASILY the best game of all time.

Kribwalker29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It’s definitely rough around the edges and coulda used more polish, that being said, it’s a lot of fun. Been playing the story mode in Co-Op with my kid and He’s really loving it too.

I’d definitely put it at a 7 outa 10 myself. More polish coulda helped it, but what’s there is a lot of fun

DaDrunkenJester29d ago

I've only noticed it's rough with the driving, otherwise no bugs out anything like that

trouble_bubble29d ago

The SAME people giving this 7 funs out of 10 were calling Killzone Shadowfall GARBAGE just the other day. If you can proclaim a 73% game as “not good” after one trophy, don’t turn around and spin this duct tape design as something the kids will love LOL!!!!

Concertoine29d ago

Really, the exact same people? You should name some names dude, call em out.

Livingthedream29d ago

Keeping it real though Shadowfall wasn't that great not compared to killzone deuce or even 3. The online community died fairly quick.

TK-5529d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Shadowfall was terrible though with its only saving grace being that it was a launch title and as such people were desperate for something new that was only available on a next-gen system. Basically the game was given a better time because of the climate it released in. Crackdown 3 has no such shield and its being reviewed relatively fairly for the most part.

EmperorDalek28d ago

I couldn't even bring myself to beat Shadow Fall, such a bad game. Looks like it might have killed the franchise too.

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Atticus_finch29d ago

Is an Xbox thing, I guess. Life is way too short, I stick to highly Rated games, of which I have many to choose from.

Automatic7929d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Maybe I am in minority but the highly rated games don't give me the same amount of fun as the lower rated games. 5 hours in on Crackdown and I am enjoying collecting orbs, taking down enemies and making my agent a Super cop.

29d ago
Kribwalker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

i’ve played those highly rated games as well. I’ve also played those lowly rated games like the order and had fun. Doesn’t mean this one isn’t fun either.

Atticus_finch28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@Krib Good for you. I still rather invest my time on good games and PS4 has way too many to finish.

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Redlife2g29d ago

8???? This game is a 5 at best. Microsoft definitely got into this reviewers pockets.

Pantz29d ago

3 million users in 24 hours did but probably not Redlife2g

Atticus_finch29d ago

@Pantz You should stop dude. Go enjoy CD3 before it is removed from Gamepass.

chiefJohn11729d ago

@Atticus has a first party title ever been removed from Gamepass yet?

Brave_Losers_Unite29d ago


Yeah 3 million tried it and most of them said the game sucks

YodaCracker29d ago

Microsoft does not remove first party games from Game Pass.

29d ago
Redlife2g29d ago

I'm about 4 hrs in..I'm still sticking with this game being a 5

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xX-oldboy-Xx29d ago

"Just make sure to play as Terry Crews to improve the experience" - they could have scored it a 6 without him! Money well spent ms /s

All credibility lost.

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EmperorDalek28d ago

So... him giving it a score that he believes to be correct is a sign of no credibility. But lowering the score just to be more in line with what other people think would show credibility? What sort of backwards logic is that?

Playing as Terry does make it a better experience, so he's correct there.

xX-oldboy-Xx28d ago

If you think putting a cel-shaded version of a B-grade celebrity (I like Terry by the way) is a way of improving a game. Enjoy gaming on xbox my friend.

Mediocrity is at home on xbox.

EmperorDalek28d ago

He improves it, it's not like he makes up the whole experience. Just like how any good actor improves a game or movie.

You're picking at straws.

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TheColbertinator29d ago

I told people this would be a good game. Its fun and I'm glad Microsoft made it.

Atticus_finch29d ago

I'm glad MS released CD3 too but for different reasons.

ThinkThink29d ago

Been playing the story mode with my son, we are both enjoying it!

Dark_Knightmare229d ago

Yeah that 60 metacritic really shows it to be a good game

Brave_Losers_Unite29d ago

And users giving it an even lower rating

Gamist2dot029d ago

Yes, send the message to MS that these are the games you guys are asking for. And keep it coming!

EmperorDalek28d ago

Sure. Have "fun" with your interactive movies.

NarutoFox28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Except for Forza, Have fun with all the mediocre games Microsoft makes. Microsoft don't show enough effort in my eyes.

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