I Never Played The Division, But The Division 2 is Satisfying AF | COGconnected

COGconnected: The Division 2's private beta provided my first hands-on time with the franchise, so here are some observations of the online sequel from a newbie's perspective.

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Adexus33d ago

Yeah killing enemies in Div2 is a kind of satisfying that wasn't there in the first game, felt like a slog to take on enemies but it's great fun in this one, really looking forward to it.

chris23533d ago

a generic online multiplayer shooter can only be good if one is immune to grinding and generic gameplay. no matter what brand, they can only implement the same game mechanics due to the nature of multiplayer. they got a copy protection and microtransactions, the gamer gets more of the same. very bad deal for gamers, but somehow they eat it up.

BenRC0133d ago (Edited 33d ago )

"I Never Played The Division, But The Division 2 is Satisfying AF" ......because you never played the division. Div1 - snow = div2.
It's the same frikkin game.

optimus33d ago

well if they change it to a completely different game then it wouldn't be called division 2 would it?🙄.... what's your point anyway, how many sequels are out there that have the same mechanics and gameplay with subtle differences but take place in a different environment? pretty much all of them. 🙄