Nintendo’s Stacked 2019 Lineup Following Nintendo Direct Assures That Switch Will Dominate This Year

The stars have lined up to all but assure the Switch’s dominance in 2019.

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FallenAngel198431d ago

“How are players to meaningfully purchase so many games? How are the Xbox One or the PS4, which have relatively emptier slates planned for the year, to compete?”

Switch’s lineup will still miss out on too many various major games on rival platforms to say that its library was overwhelmingly dominant.

Plus they already have the stronger lineup in the first half of the year, so it’s even less reasonable to say Switch’s library was dominant.

eagle2131d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Switch software and hardware will dominate this year. Until I see something insanely huge coming from Sony and Microsoft, I believe this to be true. Red Dead Redemption 2 was supposed to help Sony and Microsoft dominate late last year and it just didn't happen. Switch outsold them both combined in the United States. What does PS4 and Xbox One have bigger this year than Red Dead Redemption 2 type of sales?

Eonjay31d ago

Switch is still a new system and the other platforms are reaching saturation so the Switch will have little to compete against in the short term. But no this, by the end of the year when the 'hottest new thing' reverts back to the HD twins for next gen, NO ONE will be talking about the Switch.

PhoenixUp31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

You don’t think KH3 & RE2 are big games?

Also funny how you have to specify North America but can’t bring yourself to say worldwide sales because you already know PS4 still sold more units globally than any other console last year.

DarXyde31d ago

There are rumors of The Last of Us Part II rehearsing this year, so if that's true, I would say that's really big. Gears 5 is also supposed to be getting a release this year, so they do have big games this year, but perhaps not in spades.

Overall, I'm expecting a pretty hefty year for Nintendo's revenue.

badz14930d ago


"Switch outsold them both combined in the United States."

Err...where did you get your source from? Nintendo La La Land? Thanks to Pokemon and Smash, undeniably Nintendo's 2 biggest selling IP, the Switch was able to outsold the PS4 in NA last year. That was it. PS4+Xbone definitely sold more than Switch in NA last year no doubt.

The delusions of nintendo fanboys know no bounds. Let's just hope Nintendo FINALLY outsold the PS4 worldwide this year. It's in its 3rd year already and it surely getting a bit embarassing getting outsold by a console that is almost 3 and a half years older, with all its biggest IP already out nonetheless LOL.

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SuperSonic9131d ago

Yeah their Direct presentation was so stellar their stock market plummets by 7% after.

SuperSonic9131d ago

Nintendo Stocks plymmet by 9% According to Nintendo Life

King_Noctis31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

What does stock have anything to do with games? Are you a stockbroker in a basement?

deafdani31d ago

So, you can't even bother to read the title, uh? It must hurt, I guess.

The stock fell because they cut their projected sales forecast. Not because of the direct. Again: it's in the damn title of the article you yourself linked.


FallenAngel198431d ago

@ eagle

PS4 & XO already had Ace Combat 7, KH3 & RE2. Apex Legends, & Metro Exodus. They will also receive Dead or Alice 6, Devil May Cry 5, Division 2, Rage, & Sekiro with PS4 also getting Days Gone & Left Alive.

That’s all within the first half the year, and its stronger than what Switch is offering in the first half. If you don’t see those games as huge then your view must be heavily skewed.

Why are you talking about hardware sales when I’m talking about software lineups?

@ Xex

Yet the fact Switch lacks those big titles means you can’t say Switch will dominate the year.

PS4 will still sell more overall software this year than NS so idk why you feel the need to bring up software sales when talking about the lineups.

wonderfulmonkeyman31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Many people have been saying that the switch would not take off simply because it would not have those supposedly big-hit games.
They were wrong.
It's taken off regardless.

That kind of commentary has been wrong for a very long time now; the switch does not need every single big-hitting third party title in order to be a big hit system.
It already is one, and will continue to be so even if it misses out on a few graphics-focused third party titles.
That's just the fact of the matter at this point. It's the reality. Not fan delusions or fond wishes.
The system has enough games coming to keep pushing it forward.
And it will CONTINUE to get good third party games that will help it continue selling.

If what you were saying was true of the switch, then it would have stopped selling well after the first time Call of Duty skipped it.

Knushwood Butt30d ago

'even if it misses out on a few graphics-focused third party titles.'.

Graphics focused?

Gemmol31d ago

Problem with your thought Nintendo was the biggest publisher in 2018 and it did not have a stellar year, only in Europe Nintendo did not place 1st I think they were 3rd with Sony around 6th so for first party they number 1 in every region

So you saying Nintendo with the games they announce can’t be number 1 again this year despite being number 1 last year with less games

FallenAngel198431d ago

@ wonder

Just because Switch is a successful console doesn’t mean it has the dominant software library.

@ Gem

According to Metacritic Capcom was actually the best publisher of 2018, but that’s besides the point.

Switch was never #1. PS4 had more quality games than Switch last year and the year before. The library that Switch has this year doesn’t overwhelm what PS4 is offering as well.

septemberindecember31d ago


This is incorrect. In 2018 Switch had the most games overall and the most highly rated games, according to meta critic.

Switch has around 267 games with a 75 or higher

PS4 has around 127 with a 75 or higher.

b777conehead31d ago

Dude you have Sony so far up you it’s pathetic. Your statement of the switch a successful console has the dominant libary people are not going to buy the hardware unless there’s good software .

31d ago
FallenAngel198431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@ September

Metacritic already posted an article of the top rated games of 2018 and it clearly doesn’t show Switch having the most of those highly rated games from last year

Wow your comparison is heavily skewed. You’re comparing Switch’s entire lineup up to this point to an unrelated amount for PS4 that clearly doesn’t include its entire library as well.

I looked it up and found that while Switch indeed has 267 games with a 75 or over on Metacritic, PlayStation 4 currently has 599 games with a 75 or over on that site.

@ Xex

Metacritic says otherwise. Unless my math is wrong, 599 > 267

31d ago
FallenAngel198431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

First of all sounds like you’re spinning info when you’ve been being going on and on about Switch having more higher rated games, yet you can’t admit to info in front of you that clearly shows PS4 has more highly rated games.

Second you’ve got to be some elitist gamer who misses out on a ton of games if the only thing you play are titles that only get a 90 or above on Metacritic. No real gamer will turn away a game just because it has an 85-89 aggregate score. Plus PS4 still has more 90+ games on Metacritic than Switch.

Why compare the first two years when we can compare what’s already out now on both systems? Just sounds like more spinning to not acknowledge that PS4 has more quality games readily available to consumers and it’s already continuing that trend into 2019.

The Wood30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Even when presented with facts this xexal still continues with the wrong and strong attitude. The switch is doing great, games solid af but the lack of quality 3rd party games is what stops this 'dominate' rhetoric. How many actual links posted will it take for you to chill.

'When you own a Switch you have a higher bar of quality than 75. I'm talking 90+ games.'

Then if that's your levels you don't get to play too many games per year.

septemberindecember30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


You realize you posted a list of all the games over 75 the PS4 has ever had, correct? It contains games that came out on the console in 2013-2018

The number I provided you was JUST for 2018. So, for games released in 2018, the Switch has more games released and more games 75 or above.

Also, for your first link, it clearly lists more Switch games than PS4 games (519 versus PS4’s 407) with a slightly average higher meta score to boot.

Or are you going to move the goalpost now?

FallenAngel198430d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@ sept

Funny how you’ll try to reason why PS4’s number should be lower yet you don’t see why the Switch’s number should also be lower.

As I already stated that 267 number listed included the Switch’s 2017 lineup along with its 2018 & 2019 library. Yet you seem to conveniently ignore that stipulation just to make it seem like Switch has more quality games.

Ironic you talk about goalposts being moved yet you don’t see the irony of listing that 267 number and comparing it to that other amount you brought up.

Metacritic themselves already stated in that very article that “True, the high volume of new releases was mostly due to the huge number of ports of titles previously released on other devices.” So don’t get too excited with that 519 number since many of the titles Metacritic counted on NS were already previously available on PS4 & other platforms earlier.

septemberindecember30d ago


You’re right I must have counted all of Switch games just like you counted all of PS4s. I didn’t realize I did that. That’s what I get for using mobile.

The new number is 125 for PS4 and 171 for Switch.

But you see how the Switch still has the most positively rated titles? Not to mention they had more game releases overall, and they even have less badly rated titles.

Gameseeker_Frampt30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


How many of those 171 games in the Switch list released in 2018 and were not simply ports from previous years? You are trying to make the argument that the Switch received better games in 2018 than the PS4 but the problem is that you are trying to justify that by using games that have already released on PS4 before 2018. The PS4 received much more better reviewed new games than the Switch in 2018 and only a fanboy is unable to admit that.


Stop using Metacritic lists. They are horribly flawed. DLC is listed as games and games can be listed multiple times or not at all depending Metacritic's convoluted rules. The Switch list has Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, and Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2 - 3 entries for one release. No other collection gets multiple listings, not even Metro Redux which also had both games included available for sale separately. Hollow Knight isn't included in the PS4 list since it didn't meet the arbitrary 7 reviews since it released later compared to other platforms, yet Opencritic was able to post 10 PS4 reviews for the game.

(To demonstrate how bad Metacritic is, compare the Metacritic scores of Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition for the PS4 and XB1 - 2 completely different Metascores from 2 completely different sets of reviewers for a game that released simultaneously for both consoles and is identical on each)

FallenAngel198430d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@ sept

As I said earlier, Metacritic already stated “True, the high volume of new releases was mostly due to the huge number of ports of titles previously released on other devices.”

Many of those games propping up that Switch number were ports already available on previous platforms.

Back on to the topic of this article, most of the hot games discussed on a weekly basis are not games that are always on Switch but most certainly are on PS4. Thus it’s absurd to say Switch can be seen as a dominant system when it still misses out on so many major releases.

And the author has the nerve to say PS4 has an emptier lineup

@ game

True Metacritic shouldn’t be used as absolute gospel, just as a frame of reference

septemberindecember30d ago


That isn’t what you said originally, and you’re moving the goal post. Switch had more titles and mor higher rated titles period last year.

Regarding the article, the Switch is set to have more games this year than the PS4 again. In fact, it’s already happening on a weekly basis.

Of those that are which games are “hot”, Pokemon and Animal Crossing and possibly Mario Maker will likely outsell every game this year aside from maybe Call of Duty and, if it comes out this year, Cyberpunk.

FallenAngel198430d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Because as the website itself stated Switch received a lot of ports already on other platforms last year, which I’ve restated multiple times

PS4 will still have more software sales than Switch overall, so what’s your point?

septemberindecember30d ago


“Switch was never #1. PS4 had more quality games than Switch last year and the year before.”

That’s what you stated before. It’s not accurate. You were called out and you moved the goalpost.

PS4 will only have more software sales because it has triple the amount of users. That wasn’t the metric that you were talking about originally though, it’s just another goal post moved.

Immagaiden29d ago

@ sept

So we should praise Switch for receiving a lot of ports that were already on PS4?

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PatrickJS31d ago

I'm still surprised this Direct didn't include any info on some of Nintendo's inevitably biggest hits this year - Pokémon, Animal Crossing, (almost definitely) Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster...

ZeekQuattro31d ago

They have to save something for E3 and in the case of Pokemon it traditionally gets it's own direct just ahead of E3.

King_Noctis31d ago

What the hell does that even mean? You’ve gone completely mad over these past few days.

Gemmol31d ago

E3 bro if they said everything now what will they have for e3

King_Noctis31d ago

I think there will be another Mini Direct in April that will showcase those titles.

Personally I wanna see more of Town.

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bigmalky31d ago

I give up on this site. I know nobody cares, but it's all about money and clicks.

Every type of media is the same now, and instead of coming here to read good articles, it's full of throwaway bait. I'll read Game Informer directly, check Nintendo Life, and get reviews from ACG.

Yes, yes, I know, "Bye, no one will miss you". Beyond caring at all.

Seraphim31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I often wonder I bother. It is true, all news is sensationalism now on every front. Along with click bait titles, rubbish articles, etc. Journalism lives but is still a dying breed. It's disgusting the content that's thrown at us now. Even the reputable [gaming] sources have become unreliable not reputable through the years. Though once in a blue moon there is a great article or some useful information to be found.

Now I understand everyone has their own opinion. But this is suppose to be N4G, News 4 Gamers. Not O4G. Opinions 4 Gamers. Understandably the comment section will be filled with opinions but when it comes to news. I don't want to see all this dribble clouding the feed. 2 cents

danny81831d ago

I feel the same. Articles are catered to these biased fans for clicks primarily for Sony. It arouses a certain group on here

30d ago
PhoenixUp31d ago

“So the PS4 and Xbox One’s release slates being emptier than the Switch’s makes sense”

An emptier lineup? Lmao downplay much.

This chart alone already shows that PS4 will have more games to offer than any other console this year

Lore31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Off the top I can almost guarantee The LOU 2, Ghost of Shushima, Dreams, Medieval, Death Stranding and Granblue Fantasy will all be out by March of next year. Seems stacked to me

G3ng4r30d ago

Incomplete list of confirmed 2019 (not fiscal) on Switch so far:
Mario Maker 2
Link's Awakening
Luigi's Mansion
Animal Crossing
Fire Emblem
Bayonetta 3
Daemon X Machina
Shin Megami Tensei 5
Dragon Quest XI Definitive

I assure you that nothing on any other platform will sell like mm2, pokemon or animal crossing this calendar year.

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