Leon With Retro Graphics In Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Something Else

Resident Evil 2 Remake's DLC - Ghost Survivor is available now. We play extensively in the classic mode which features the original graphics and music from Resident Evil 2. Take a trip through time and feel nostalgic again in this gameplay clip. Captured on PS4 Pro.

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Eidolon31d ago

"Make it something else", no, it's just a skin.

Eidolon31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Mis-quoted, but I don't doubt it was the intention. It is just a skin, and still higher polygons than the original, and it's just the controlled characters. While it's neat, it doesn't bring back any nostalgia to me. Original music helps, but it overall just seems out of place to me. Make a fixed camera and tank controls mode, then we can talk.

31d ago
AK9131d ago

I kinda want to play the game just for that one cutscene with Ada with this skin.