Mr. X is the Best and Worst Part of Resident Evil 2

Tyrant (Mr. X) is somehow the most terrifying, goofiest, and annoying enemy in all of Resident Evil.

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Jin_Sakai34d ago

He’s the only thing keeping me from getting this game. I like to take my time and enjoy games not running from Mr. X all the time.

AspiringProGenji34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

You can actually take as much time as you want but there’s a certain part in the story where he’ll be wandering around meaning you need to move to the next story chapter. And before heading to the NEST, you can fo back to the police station and he won’t be there anymore.

MR. X is actually what makes this game so tense and great imo. Just learn to hide from him or avoid him getting close to you

Eidolon34d ago

Yes. I love and hated Mr. X. rushed me through the Police Station on HC/first playthrough, I spent a lot of time trying to get as much as possible from the station before moving on, and he was EXTREMELY frustating, but fun at the same time.

iain0434d ago

Was it resident evil 3 that had an irritating lumbering guy constantly following you and not the original re2?

Bonnie71834d ago

In the original Resident Evil 2, he is a near-immortal bullet-sponge that makes your heart stop every time you see him as he chases you through the police station and beyond

AK9134d ago

That’s the same in the Remake hell its worse in the Remake because in the original when you temporarily downed him he would sometimes drop items in the Remake he drops nothing.

meatnormous34d ago

What the hell is that link for? Pre paid cards?

Kosic34d ago

He is the worst thing in re2.
Doing the library book shelf with Mr X following you. Move one, run around the library, up the stairs, down the ladder move the 2nd and repeat for the 3rd. That isn't a fun game of cat and mouse. It's an irritation.

Psychonaut34d ago

I don't know if this helps but if you just move the far left one it moves all the shelves together, instead of having to move each one.

Kosic34d ago

Ah, didn't know that. Already completed the game a and b scenarios. :)

FallenAngel198434d ago

I don’t care what anybody says I hate Mr X anytime he shows up and not in a good way

I officially love Ada for what she did to him

AK9134d ago

Well it’s Game Informer so I’m talking this article with a grain of Salt but Mr X IS the best part of the game, if he wasn’t there the game would be kinda easy but I’m guessing that’s what some people want.