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F1 2009 - News To Talk About

Some new news about Codemasters F1 2009 from Exec Producer Gavin Raeburn. (F1 2009, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Lord Anubis  +   2127d ago
sony lost the license to the F1 Series right? or whatever happened to the license.
blu3print  +   2127d ago
wanted more money for the license and SONY refused, so in come CodeMasters and grabbed it up, I'm a F1 fan and have F1CE and hope CM get their iteration right and improve over F1CE flaws and keeps it's strengths
creeping judas  +   2127d ago
@ blu3print
and as long as they don't make it like GRID. Ill be happy!!
Speed-Racer  +   2127d ago
Ya man so true. I really think Codies are trying their best to make this a proper sim.
blu3print  +   2127d ago
well they usually release demos, so if it is 'Grid' it simply wouldn't get my $60.

What scares me though is the fact that I read somewhere they want to appeal to all masses so they'll be putting in some arcade elements.
Speed-Racer  +   2127d ago
Maybe the arcade aspect allows you to race without strict rules such as flags, pitstop penalties etc... I dunno, just a gues.

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