PlayStation Store Critics' Choice Sale Is Live, Here's the Complete List With Links

The PlayStation Store Critics Choice Sale is now live, here's the complete list of deals along with links to each game!

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DVAcme36d ago

Bloodborne Complete for $17? There is NO EXCUSE to not get it now.

excaliburps36d ago

GTAV is $15! Crazy how that game is still part of sales after all these years.

Santana36d ago

Is 15 bucks the cheapest GTAV has been on consoles?

Nitrowolf236d ago

That’s the cheapest on digital it has ever been, but I noticed the price dropped when RDR2 released considering for the longest time it stayed at $40

william_cade36d ago

I want to play Kingdom Come, but it's still sitting pretty high. What do you all think, is it worth it?

mafiabrett36d ago

One of the best modern RPGs. But it's unfortunately needs more patches. At the moment there's a save game issue going around that can cause tons of freezes. They fixed it once but it came back with a recent update.

excaliburps36d ago

From what I heard, core gameplay is solid but lots of bugs.

madpuppy36d ago

I grabbed the metro: redux for 8.99 good deal seeing everybody raised the price on the physical copy used over 20.00. I'm guessing the price went up because they are releasing Metro:Last Light soon.

Playbey0nd36d ago

The Witcher $14.99 is tempting...

excaliburps36d ago

Dude! The Witcher 3 is Game of the Gen! So, so, so goooood! Easily one of the best gaming experiences you'll ever have. It'll last you more than 50 hours of game time for sure. Go. Pick. It. Up.