What Really Makes a Good BioWare Game?

What core value make's a BioWare game, and what might that mean for Anthem?

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PhantomS4232d ago

The story, character development, world building, being an RPG and building our characters how we want too. See everything Pre-Mass Effect 2. They are a dim shadow of their former selves, there was a day when the Bioware name meant something other than half-assed games with tons of bugs.

gillri32d ago

I think Mass Effect 2 is their best game to date,

Profchaos32d ago

Agree but it refined everything that they did well story dialogue and fixed combat. Sure the inventory took a hit but the rest of the game was exceptional

PhantomS4232d ago

It's definitely their last great game but it was the first to start stripping a lot of what made Bioware games.

PapaBop32d ago

So basically everything that Anthem isn't lol.

AK9132d ago

Agreed after ME2 the games became more action oriented and less exploration based.

chris23532d ago

everything anthem is not. minus the graphics. the old saying applies more than ever: „things never looked better but are rotting from the inside.“.

AK9132d ago

Good writing, good dialogue, well thought out world and characters inhabiting said world, basically everything Andromeda and Anthem is not.

quent32d ago

The opposite of what EA wants Bioware to make, that would be Bioware at they're strongest, do what you're good at, play to you're strengths and experiences, do what made you who you are.. were

Hardiman32d ago

I'd look at everything from ME2 back. My first Bioware game was Knights of the Old Republic and goddamn I wasn't ready! Absolutely blew my mind and Jade Empire and then Mass Effect and boy I was in love but just a few more years and it was over for me ☹️

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