Ubisoft reports strong profits, doesn't fire 800 people

Despite good financial performance this quarter, Ubisoft is "striving to provide a fulfilling working environment" for its employees.

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Munnkyman31d ago

Battle royale with ships incoming

rebeljoe1430d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Shizz I would play that

rawshack31d ago

Good on unbisoft. If workers are happy they are more creative. It's a win win situation

Vegamyster31d ago

PCGamer being a little savage, i like it lol.

LucasRuinedChildhood31d ago

Most of the games media has been going easy on Activision so far because all they care about is access. It's disgusting.

Sciurus_vulgaris31d ago

Activision probably didn’t make enough profits to easily fulfil Executive bonuses, so they laid off staff, simple as that.

OMGitzThatGuy31d ago

They made enough, shareholders just assumed they would make more. So instead of blaming their actual product sales not growing, they blamed it on too many workers and the costs associated with them.

neutralgamer199231d ago

Sooner or later growth stops and these big companies don't think that far ahead. Every game can't sell better than the last

Imalwaysright30d ago

2018 was a record financial year for them.

NeoGamer23230d ago

Activision is a sinking ship. They continue on their current path and the will be like EA.

Seikro is really their only new IP. And they aren't doing much to totally reinvent their existing IPs. This last year was the first year I did not buy CoD on Day One. I did not miss a thing.

I would love to see Activision come out with a new Pitfall along the lines of Uncharted, Battlezone along the lines of World of Tanks, a new Asteroids remake, a real new Ghostbusters game, a modern River Raid game, a new Space Invaders, etc. But instead of that they are focused on selling to the lab rats that contually buy CoD, Skylanders, Spyro, etc.

Cikatriz_ESP31d ago

Activision went from a company most people were either okay with or had no opinion on to garnering EA-esque levels of hatred in the span of a few months. That’s quite the feat.

KillZallthebeast31d ago

bethesda and activision are really trying their hardest top topple ea

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The story is too old to be commented.