Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V will please both longtime fans and past GTA critics alike. A lot of the issues with GTA IV have been ironed out, and graphical issues have been largely fixed on PS4 and Xbox One. It has a ton of missions, a thriving open-world city environment, an ever-evolving GTA Online to keep you up late at night, and Rockstar’s signature cracks at pop culture, politics, and society more broadly. Best game ever made? Not quite. Best GTA and sandbox game to date? Definitely.

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OneEyedSteve34d ago

Did it take you over 4 years to write this? Damn.

Skankinruby34d ago

In technical achievements yes, but the actual game itself is mediocre at best

bluefox75534d ago

@Skank I wouldn't say it's mediocre, but it has the same issues as all R* games. They make big, beautiful game worlds, and have compelling stories, but the gameplay itself is pretty meh.

CyberSentinel34d ago

Some people said I was crazy to wait until GameFreaks review to buy GTA5, but now I can do so with confidence.
9.5 woot!
Ty GameFreaks.

gamefreaks36534d ago

Our job here is done. Up next: Super Mario 64.

Skankinruby34d ago

Lol bit late to the party much?

SegaGamer34d ago

Excellent story mode, god awful online mode.

Squall500534d ago

Still waiting for that Pong review.

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