The Last of Us Part II Concept Art Released by Naughty Dog to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Check out this new piece of concept art from Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II.

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pasta_spice35d ago

I feel a bit bad for the motion capture actress. Her nose is big, but it's not as huge and cartoony as the artist drew it lol!

Thatgrammar35d ago

Thats not true in the slightest. Her nose is not large.

pasta_spice35d ago

Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean it in a bad way. Her nose is bigger than most 'typical' actresses but it's not unflattering or anything (not like the concept art)...

OtterX35d ago

That comment on Twitter though! Someone posted something about the relationship which I guess got deleted. But anyways, someone responded "It's 2019." To that, someone responded "It's 2019, but that nose is in 2032." and posted this image:

XD XD I'm dyin' here! Lmfao

NovusTerminus35d ago

The actress was likely not cast at the time this drawing was done, or the concept artist may not have been told who it was, because in this picture she is taller then Ellie, but in the game screenshot she is shorter, and height is something most artists do not get to messed up.

This type of nose shape is hard to draw right. It's likely he got a brief write up for how the character should look, which may include "a more pronounced nose" as the description and he has nothing else to go on, and he did it as a sketch which means he likely did it in about 30 minutes or so.

Thatgrammar35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

You are wrong. The link you shared is not an image of the actress. I don’t know why I have so many dislikes on my initial comment. The actress who plays the character “Dina” is Shannon Woodward. Her nose is rather small, so again: that is not true in the slightest. Her nose (the voice actress) is not large.

pasta_spice34d ago


The mo-cap and voice actress is Shannon Woodward. The face model was Cascina Caradonna. She discusses it in a YouTube video here...

rainslacker34d ago

I feel a bit ashamed to be part of the community where so many likes to mock others based on something you'd expect to hear from junior high bullying from the pretentious crowd who most of us probably held much disdain for in middle school.

The replies on twitter, and many on here are really not making themselves look good. It's a nose. Some people have bigger noses. Some of them aren't a "perfect shape".

Thatgrammar32d ago

Great. I was replying to your initial post when you stated “I feel a bit bad for the motion capture actress. Her nose is big, but it’s not as huge and cartoony as the artist drew it lol!” The motion capture actress was not used as the face model. So I was just going off of your initial post. You were stating something incorrect, so I disagreed in my reply.

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Frinker35d ago

If that nose represents how long we have to wait for the game to release we're doomed

OtterX35d ago

Lol, nice one.

How long do we have to wait? Nobody nose!

WickedLester35d ago

In a dystopian future where earth's population is but a fraction of what it once was, beggars cant be choosers lol.

35d ago
MasterCornholio35d ago

Reminds me of the flying nose from Dr. Sulfur’s Night Lab game.

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Snakeeater2535d ago

That game will be a hard pass for me on ps5. Way to much love 🚬

OtterX35d ago

There's always Crackdown 3 for you. It has no love.

From anyone.

Ricegum35d ago

I just spat out my Cheerios laughing so hard.

Kostche34d ago

bwhahahahahahaha.... omfg i almost choked on my food when readying this

Snakeeater2534d ago

Fan boy for Life hahaa i don’t even have a Xbox but it’s ok if you need to defend a game more than you would ur girlfriend 🤣 what would
You know about Than.
Have fun playing tlou in you mother basement 😘

OtterX33d ago

Lol, Snakeeater I've been married over 8 years, have a 2yr old child & have lived overseas from my my home, family for the better part of a decade. Okay! XD

I just like to make jokes. Don't take them so seriously! ;P

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Ninver35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The last of Beak?
God of Beaks?
Metal Beak Solid?

Take your pick

UltraNova35d ago

Final Rhinoplasty: Advent Beak

OtterX35d ago

Well considering the premise of the story, Ellie is enraged on a quest for revenge...

The Last of Us 2: The Smell of Vengeance? You thought the Clickers were bad? Just wait until Ellie unleashes the Sniffers on her enemies. She blows everything she nose about humanity out the window. It's up to Joel to help scratch her itch for slaughter.

OtterX35d ago

Blow Hard with a Vengeance

"Yippie ki yay, Motherhonker."

ninerguy160835d ago

Beak legends. Assassins Beak:smellavision. Star beaks The last scent.

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