BioWare: The Anthem Demo Was Nearly Universally Liked Except for the Bugs, Most of Which Are Fixed

BioWare Lead Producer Mike Gamble said that the recent Anthem demo was nearly universally liked except for the bugs, most of which are fixed now or will be fixed by February 22nd.

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ccgr33d ago

Glad to hear they're getting fixed

jagermaster61933d ago

Me too but it seems like some haters are not 😂

Nitrowolf233d ago

I feel this is the typical PR spin.

I liked the gameplay but everything else felt lacking and what’s been confirmed for the final game sounds lacking.

Cause I do think a majority of people who did play the demo do agree that the gameplay fun. It’s just the issues that were there and the content we are getting, 6 years of work and this is all they have to show for?

jagermaster61933d ago

Don't worry guy they are not going to release the game and be like " That's it the game is done!" and just walk away. They will be releasing content for years to come. If you don't like it then just don't play it.

TKCMuzzer31d ago

They are not haters. If you release a public 'demo' a couple of weeks from release then that pretty much represents the final product. If that is what you give your potential customer base to go on then you must suffer the consequences if its not up to standard.
Solution: When you release a demo make sure it works properly and runs properly as it is a selling tool.

Razzer33d ago

Yep. Looking forward to playing the full game.

shadowraiden33d ago

issue is i just dont see there longterm plans. it feels like it will be even more baron then Destiny 2 and that was pretty baron for endgame content.

codelyoko33d ago

This will be EA's second unexpected hit after Apex Legends

blitz062333d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Uhh, the game is overhyped beyond boundaries. Probably even the reason why Apex received zero push. I'm willing to bet that game will end up being better and more popular than Anthem. EA is backing the wrong horse here. Bioware is a shadow of their former selves. Respawn is one of the most underrated developers out there

TK-5533d ago

"Uhh, the game is overhyped beyond boundaries."

Really? I'm seeing minimal hype for this. Show me where all this hype is please.

TheOpenWorlder33d ago

The hype is all in your imagination :)

xRacer74x33d ago

So many EA haters out there. You will get panned for saying anything positive about them. I like Bioware and love their games so Im looking forward to playing it.

jagermaster61933d ago

So true! I get EA has done stupid things in the past but come on this is getting annoying! Go play something else and stop hating...

bluefox75533d ago

Universally liked? That's not the impression I'd gotten. I've regularly heard how the gameplay was dull and boring, and the only fun part was the flying.

sagapo33d ago

In that case, play the game and then judge. I wasn’t blown away, but had a lot of fun with the demo.


I was not a fan of it... I watched a 15 minute video by EA a month before the demo and couldn't wait for it to be over... Now, playing it was better but still extremely boring. Go to point A. Defend it. Now to B. Another fight. Etc. Etc. Etc. Just ugly design.

Now I played the Tech Alpha and Closed Beta for the Division 2, putting in 10-20 hours each time I imagine and I wa still wanting to play it when the testing ended.

It's sad to see Bioware's name on this game...

Baza33d ago

Poor frame rate made it unplayable for me. Doubt that is fixed.

asm12033d ago

That's probably because you only look at the n4g comments for feedback.

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MrVux00033d ago

"NEARLY Universally Liked" is some fancy wording...

uth1133d ago

all the aliens in the Universe liked it! it's just these backwards humans that didn't. .

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