Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed Now a 'Major RPG' Brand, Happy With Assassin's Creed Odyssey Performance

For those who aren’t fans of RPGs, bad news – Assassin’s Creed is now a full-on RPG series and we can expect new entries to follow the formula laid down by Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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Hardiman31d ago

I enjoyed Origins Andrea sim having fun with Odyssey! Im glad they are taking the series in this direction but I understand that it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

starchild31d ago

I personally love it. It keeps most of what I've always loved about Assassin's Creed but improves on it and creates a deeper experience overall. It's like a really good RPG, but with amazing traversal that lets you explore the world in a way few games match. I also think it has pretty solid combat now. Not as good as action RPGs like Nioh and Dark Souls, but certainly better than most RPGs I've played. Beyond that I also love the historical settings. Even though it's clearly historical fiction and filled with fantasy many aspects of the games still have a basis in historical fact.

Hardiman31d ago

Yeah I enjoy the historical figures who pop up and while they are so massive it kinda blurs together for me, I have a great time. I put in 89 hours in Odyssey then took a month or so break and now I'm back in. Put in another 30 hours.

Hardiman31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

God damnit I hate auto correct or whatever is going on! What I typed was "I enjoyed Origins and I'm having fun with Odyssey!" For some reason when I type and, Andrea will pop up lol.

UltraNova31d ago

That's creepy...Andrea... Templars? Heh

Hardiman30d ago

@UltraNova lol yeah! It doesn't do it every time but it does and you can see it in my comments, that if I didn't double check and edit ole Andrea pops up a lot.

LordoftheCritics31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Somehow I am enjoying Odyssey quite a bit. The rpg route has served them well.
It's like they took some good elements from Mass Effect and other rpgs and became an rpg itself. While Bioware games are losing their rpg touch.

Donnie8131d ago

I was shocked st how good of an rpg it turned out to be. Great choice for the franchise

PTMG31d ago

Great news. Wasn't a big fan of Origins but I am absolutely loving Odyseey. Kassandra especially is a great character and the in game choices really make a difference for the series. Hopefully the next one, be it Vikings or in Japan will be even better. They've got a tough game to follow. Definitely my runner up GOTY slightly behind GOW.

starchild31d ago

I used to be annoyed that they were taking so long to take the series to Feudal Japan but now I'm glad that it's going to be after they changed the series into a full on RPG. It's going to have more depth and I'm going to enjoy it more.

Silly Mammo26d ago

Yeah, the choices. I was able to hook up with Roxana twice. First after the training and then I invited her to join my crew. And I was given the option to hook up with her again after the Barnabas nephew quest. I've researched it and no one ever talks about the 2nd hook up. Weird.

Ratchet7531d ago

I don't understand why every games have to be turned into rpg to be honest.

Ratchet7530d ago (Edited 30d ago )

No, I am not saying it is not a great game, but I have just noticed that most action games have turned to much rpgs lately and it kind of detached you from the rythm.
That is why I loved Re2 or devil may cry 5 way more than dark souls or nioh. This is my opinion and in no way am I saying these games are bad or anything, I own them and I am glad to. I am just saying that sometimes I just wished I would spend more time in the game itself than in the game menu😉😉

neutralgamer199231d ago

it's the new trend even FC5 new dawn is full on RPG with enemies level etc,

thing about UBI is when they implement something in one game they use that same feature in rest of their games too

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