Fan Replaces Mr. X With Nemesis In Must-See Resident Evil 2 Mod

WGTC: "Fans have replaced Mr. X with Nemesis in this awesome new Resident Evil 2 mod, and you've really gotta check it out for yourself."

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Psychonaut29d ago

Replace him with Prison Yard Mike. And all he says is NO! , that's what she said!, and "what about the turtles!" as he chases you.

strayanalog29d ago

I'm sorry, but this is bad. I think it's Nemesis' brother, Dimesis. This would probably explain why he seems confused or lost (losing the target entirely) after we hear "STARS", or maybe it's "Bars" because he may be drunk, but hey, it was smart of him to watch how he walked down those stairs so he didn't fall.

29d ago
trouble_bubble29d ago

After the success of the REmakes, RE3 is all but guaranteed. They can’t not do Nemesis!