PSVR RPG Shadow Legend VR Gets a New Trailer Showing Bloody Dismemberment

Pure PlayStation: Vitruvius VR, the development house behind Shadow Legend VR, has released a brand new trailer today for its upcoming RPG – and it’s not for the faint of heart.

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Apocalypse Shadow39d ago

Bloody good show my good man. Bring it.

isarai38d ago

Doesnt say psvr in the trailer though :/

Spenok37d ago

I thought that was odd too..

Spenok37d ago

However, I did find this posted to the PSVR page on Reddit by one of the devs, so I guess it's looking at a May release after the Feb release on other platforms.

DaDrunkenJester38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Looks very... I don't know... the combat didn't look impressive, I have seen much better in VR, but if the price is right I'll be grabbing it on my Oculus. I wasn't aware it was coming to PSVR though, that's good.

Edit: To clarify this post if you did not look into the actual article and just watched and read the trailer... the Oculus and HTC version is out Feb 21st and the PSVR version is sometime in May, no hard date announced though.

Babadook738d ago

I disagree with you my friend. This looks great.

DaDrunkenJester38d ago

I just felt like the combat looked a bit too floaty. Have you played Blade and Sworcery? That combat is fantastic.