New Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors Screenshot Teases Creepy Purple Gas Zombies

The official Resident Evil 2 website has been updated with a new screenshot for The Ghost Survivors gameplay mode that gives us a glimpse at new purple gas zombies as potentially one of the enemies.

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-Foxtrot38d ago

Hope they have a good explanation to why we've never encountered them before then or why Leon/Claire never.

I miss Crimson Heads, I can't believe they weren't in the game.

MrSwankSinatra38d ago

Putting crimson heads in RE2 is stupid, it doesn't even make sense logically when RE2 you're mowing down way more zombies than in RE1 which zombies are not as frequent.

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pasta_spice36d ago

As much as I loved the RE2 remake, it was a bit frustrating that it didn't really have any connections to the RE1 remake (like zombies turning into Crimson Heads, or Ada looking for her boyfriend who was mentioned in RE1). At times it felt like it was taking place in a completely different universe. I get that Capcom wanted to make RE2 more realistic (which is why they removed the giant moth and spider enemies from the original) but it feels very strange coming after a game where you fight a giant snake and a sentient plant boss.

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Lionsguard36d ago

I just hope the series just doesn't start to creep right back into over the top action again.

PlatinumKing198236d ago

Can’t wait , loved this game well done Capcom.

NapalmSanctuary36d ago

Its them chili dogs they've been eating. That shit gives me purple gas too.

AK9136d ago

Honestly that poison zombie looks kinda silly but playing more RE 2 Remake is always welcome for me.