Capcom has been absolutely murdering lately

"Monster Hunter is thriving, Street Fighter V is being greatly supported, Resident Evil is fully back to its roots. Capcom has been killing it on all fronts lately." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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FallenAngel198437d ago

They also murdered Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

_SilverHawk_37d ago

They should be in jail then

Sirk7x36d ago

I feel like they only made that game to keep licensing rights. Doesn't help that Disney didn't want to use any characters they didn't have any movie rights to. They murdered their own comics as well just to get those rights back. God, I hate Disney.

SuperSonic9136d ago

Isnt it Disney that killed that game like it did Star Wars?

pietro121236d ago

Part of that falls of Disney as well.

Lore36d ago

Really hoping they decide to release Monster Hunter Stories for PS4.

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-Foxtrot37d ago

Monster Hunter Online and Resident Evil

Lets not get ahead of ourselves, lets see if they can keep this going for a couple of years before falling back into old habbits.

I'd really like to see a single player focused Monster Hunter game, I'd love to see what they could do.

Godmars29036d ago

"A couple of years"?

Dude, too high. Look for months.

TimelessDbz36d ago

I would so pass if the next monster hunter game single player.

ForNgoods36d ago

Megaman 11 and Megaman X collection has done pretty well for them as well. Hopefully we see mmx 9 in the future.

DJK1NG_Gaming37d ago

Not entirely. Especially when 85% of their games in the last 6 years has been nothing but remasters or remakes.

They are struggling to release new titles.

DarXyde36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You must have forgotten that Capcom has not exactly been in safe financial territory this generation. The remasters are more or less crowdfunding for new projects and ways to gauge interest while giving you a product.

As an aside, I get pretty sick of people s****ing on Nintendo, but I also get pretty sick of people who like Nintendo doing that to other companies. Out of curiosity, are you, as one of the Nintendo fanboys, being a bad sport about Capcom's new projects not really having much representation on Switch? I mean, they might port them. Switch is popular.

Their only real misstep this generation, in my opinion, is the insane grinding and temptation to gouge consumers on Street Fighter V.

DJK1NG_Gaming36d ago

Don't know what Nintendo has to do with this or why you are offended but you need to cool it.

DarXyde36d ago

Nintendo only has to do with it because the criticism comes from you. Just seems like sour grapes. You're kind of an over-the-top Nintendo fanboy.

I'm not offended, but I do encourage you to check in with yourself on why you're so cynical toward Capcom, who has been doing a grand job lately (Street Fighter V withstanding, though the game itself is solid).

I'm plenty cool, but praise where it's due. Take your own advice, maybe?

Apocalypse Shadow36d ago

You're actually right on point. Wii U wouldn't have helped Capcom back on track. Xbox fans were shunning Japanese games and spoke negatively about them.

Monster Hunter not being locked to Nintendo when a lot of hunters were on Playstation. It's like locking Tomb Raider out when fans are on Playstation.

Sony doing well brought back Japanese games and not westernized monstrosities posing as Japanese games to the shooter crowd. Which helped Japanese game companies regain some limelight.

Sony doing well turned things around.

SuperSonic9136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

PS4 is the rising tide that lifts all them boats.

Next games:
Powet Stone 3,
Rival Schools 3,
Techromancer 3,
Mega Man Legends 3,
SVC Chaos 3,
RE 3 Remake,

Teflon0236d ago

Power Stone 3, Mega Man Legends 3 and Rival Schools 3 I would love

Knushwood Butt36d ago

I'd be pretty happy with a cheap and cheerful port of Project Justice on PS4.

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