The Division 2 Open Beta Start Date Set for March 1

Ubisoft has announced The Division 2 open beta start date and it's March 1! Full details within.

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REDGUM39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Noooooooooo. I missed out on the private beta due to not being sent the code to use on the psn from Ubisoft in the 1st place. I really wanted to check this game out before it releases in mid March because i am on holidays then. Now they release an open beta..... 2 days after we leave... noooooo.
agh well, the break away holiday is much needed. I suppose I can take a sneak peak at the reviews whilst i'm away :).

For those that played it, what did you think? I really liked the 1st one but genuinely never played more than a few missions before getting side tracked with another game back then. I regret not playing it as i read that it was really quite good towards the end of the updates..

excaliburps39d ago

It's more of the same; mind that's not really bad. Take me for example: I LOVED the first one, so getting a sequel with more missions, more endgame, more etc., is perfectly fine. However, if you didn't like the original, you might not like this one as well.

Bosses are still bullet sponges, tons of customization and loot that sometimes slows the game down, etc. It's a continuation of what The Division 1 was when all the patches were implemented, which is good.