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PWR writes: A confusing mess of a beautifully nostalgic game. So as a newcomer, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a mixed bag, and incredibly confusing at times. I was always keen to try the first games, but now I doubt I ever will.

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Cha0tik7d ago

A newcomer should never jump into a continuous story from (what is known to be) the 3rd game expecting to understand events they've never seen. You should've went with the first few games before jumping onto this one.

Ognipode6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Many people who have heard about all the hype will want to do just that, but that's also why its marked as a newcomers review. These days its not that uncommon to jump onto a game later in the franchise (lately there's been a lot of talk about how many people only jumped onto Resident Evil when 4 came out, so they are really enjoying the RE2 remake), and people just hop onto YouTube, watch a catch up video and then off they go. Its almost impossible to not do it this way when there are games like that that follow on from a series thats only gotten... say, 3 games in a 15-20 year period that spanned multiple console generations.