5 Upcoming AAA Games That Actually Look Unique

Andrew M writes: A lot of the most anticipated upcoming AAA games don't look too different from other blockbusters. Here are a few that don't look too generic.

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Smokehouse6d ago

Gears 5? 🤨

I agree with the rest though. I’m hyped for all 4.

DevilGearHill6666d ago

Maybe they meant as in "for it's own series" ? I would not know, never played a Gears game (but then again - if you played any cover-based-heavy shooter you've played Gears).

Smokehouse6d ago

But the other 4 games are completely unique and he’s right lol. What’s different, you play as a woman?

Hardiman6d ago

I enjoyed 1 & 2 but never finished 3 and didn't get an Xbox this gen so I'm not too hyped for 5. The others I'm super pumped for though! Especially Dreams. The Beta was cool and it's really going to be a game changer!

Sono4215d ago

Dreams is easily my most hyped for game in 2019, that and the new Pokemon, well maybe, hopefully it's not like Sun and Moon or the let's god series, maybe we'll see in the direct today

AK916d ago

I'm biased against Gears since I thought that series has always sucked but my understanding is that the series lost its luster after 3.

Concertoine6d ago

It did, but the multiplayer in 4 is quality. Still play it from time to time. The campaign sucked but i have confidence in the Coalition to make Gears 5 something great.

Chevalier6d ago

I feel like Control maybe should be on that list over Gears 5.

Chevalier6d ago

Exactly. Control is a new IP and it looks like it has some cool new elements too so I don't get why Gears 5 is considered more 'unique' when Remedy is actually trying to introduce a new IP with interesting mechanics.

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Leeroyw6d ago

It's twinfinite so I'll save you six separate screen clicks and full screen ads:

Ghosts of tushima
Gears 5
Cyberpunk 2077
Death stranding

Legatus6d ago

3/5 PS4 exclusives and all 3 new IPs at that. Keep up the awesome work Sony.

ButtAnihilator6d ago

By "awesome work" I think you mean "paying devs to make games exclusive to their platform against the wishes of gamers". Arbitrary exclusives are bad for the consumer; sony shouldn't be applauded for locking great games behind a paywall. I had to buy a ps4 just to play bloodborne when it would've run and look way better on my pc.

Hardiman6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Guess you missed the NES, SNES, Genesis, PSX, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii etc!

I imagine when you go to Burger King and demand a Big Mac, it's works out well for you!

ninerguy16086d ago

I agree. Definitely a great generation to be a PlayStation owner.

ButtAnihilator6d ago

1: of course other consoles had exclusives too, and I'm not giving them a free pass either.
2: that's a really bad analogy. Mcdonalds produces the bigmac, so it makes sense that they don't want other trashy restaurants to make a bigmac too. Meanwhile, most ps exclusives aren't made by sony, but are just a product of a shady anti-consumer deal that they make with the devs in order to make it exclusive to their platform. Same goes for microsoft and other greedy corporations.

Chevalier6d ago

" Mcdonalds produces the bigmac, so it makes sense that they don't want other trashy restaurants to make a bigmac too"

You mentioned Bloodborne specifically though and its a Sony studio game so why would it not be exclusive to PlayStation?!

So your reasoning seems off

Hardiman6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Good so you admit you are aware of the other console exclusives throughout the past three decades. They too had homegrown exclusives as well as those "behind paywalls" as you called them, so I assume you are either being obtuse or just hating because it's PlayStation. Anyway the majority of Sony's exclusives are funded by them and developed by the teams they've nurtured throughout the years.

As for any second or third party titles they get them because of their market position. It's really simple business. M$ in the early 360 days benefited from a similar situation.

Bloodborne is a great game but since I love and enjoy cool and amazing shit there are so many more great games so it's not like primarily owning a PS4 is a detriment.As for looking better on PC, I haven't seen a game on PC or the X look better than Uncharted 4, HZD, GOW because power only goes so far. You have to have that talent and ability to pull it off! It's always been like this with PlayStation and for me they took Nintendo's place in the exclusive department.

mkis0076d ago

Sony is producing Death stranding and produced Bloodborne. Death Stranding is even using a proprietary sony engine.

Persian_Immortal6d ago

Such an ignorant comment, Ghost OF Tsushima and Dreams are Sony WWS made games, and Death Stranding is getting backing and support from Sony Visual Arts and Service Group, as well as Engine support from Guerilla Games and using their office space in the Netherlands as a secondary Satelite studio for Kojima Productions, Mark Cerny is also the Technical Producer on Death Stranding and is the Lead Architect for PS5, that's way beyond paying Sony Developers, keyword here Sony developers to make their high quality Goty winning exclusives. You also mentioned Sony doesn't make most of their exclusives, hmm well let's see.

Jak and Daxter Naughty Dog
Uncharted Naughty Dog
The Last Of US Naughty Dog
Gran Turismo Polyphony Digital
Omega Boost Polyphony Digital
Sly Cooper SuckerPunch
Infamous SuckerPunch
Ghost Of Tsushima Suckerpunch
Soccom Zipper Interactive
Mag Zipper Interactive
Unit 13 Zipper Interactive
Syphon Filter Bend Studio
Days Gone Bend Studio
Killzone Guerilla Games
Horizon Zero Dawn Guerilla Games
Twisted Metal Sony Santa Monica/989 Studios)
God Of War Sony Santa Monica
Kinetica Sony Santa Monica
Starhawk Sony Santa Monica/ LightBox Interactive
War Hawk Sony Santa Monica
Little Big Planet Media Molecule
Tearaway Media Molecule
Entwined Pixel Opus
Concrete Genie Pixel Opus
Dreams Media Molecule
Demons Souls Japan Studio/ From Software
Bloodborne Japan Studio/ From Software
Ape Escape Japan Studio
Astro Bot Rescue Mission Japan Studio
Legend Of Dragoon Japan Studio
Gravity Rush Japan Studio
Puppeteer Japan Studio
The Last Guardian Japan Studio
ICO Japan Studio
Shadow Of The Colossus Japan Studio
Hot Shots Golf Japan Studio
Loco Roco Japan Studio
Knack Japan Studio
Parappa The Rapper Japan Studio
Medievil Cambridge Studio
The Getaway London Studio
Singstar London Studio
Buzz London Studio
Blood and Truth London Studio
MLB The Show San Diego Studio
NBA The Inside San Diego Studio
Jet Li Rise To Honor San Mateo Studio

Naughty Dog = Sony, Bend Studio = Sony, Sony Japan Studio = Sony, you get the message they clearly have made a lot of their own exclusives with their own development teams.

starchild6d ago


Then again McDonald's doesn't require you to buy a $400 device from them before you can eat a Big Mac either. You simply spend a few dollars and get the burger. So I don't think your analogy fits.

I wouldn't like it if I had to buy different brands of Blu-ray players just to be able to watch certain movies. And I don't like it in gaming either. It sucks having to buy a fairly expensive device just to play a small number of games that would run just fine on the hardware you already own if it weren't for the forced exclusivity.

ShadowWolf7125d ago

Dreams and Ghost of Tsushima are literally made by Sony's First Party devs?

isarai5d ago

@ ButtAnihilator

"that's a really bad analogy. Mcdonalds produces the bigmac"
Are you serious? Most Sony exclusives are in fact produced by Sony. the only ones that aren't are the exclusive niche Japanese games, and Sony doesn't do anything to keep them exclusive. Japanese companies just don't want to make their games for a platform that doesn't sell in their homeland.

Bloodborne is produced by Sony...

"sony shouldn't be applauded for locking great games behind a paywall"
WTF are you actually talking about?! the paywall of buying the system? couldn't the same be said for literally any platform ever made?

I'm trying my hardest not to insult you but you're making it very hard lol.

ButtAnihilator5d ago

@Hardiman you know what, fair enough, maybe sony does most of their exclusives, although I find that highly unlikely and I have yet to fact check your list, but I'm gonna give you this one. But still, exclusives are annoying AF. And like @starchild said, we wouldn't accept exclusive movies on blueray players, but for no reason at all consumers are ok with having to buy half a dozen different consoles to be able to play exclusives, and it's really expensive and annoying to do so. Arbitrarily exclusive games are undoubtedly bad for the consumer.

isarai4d ago


There are tons of exclusive movies, Netflix originals, and hulu, prime video, HBO now etc. all have their exclusive movie equivalents.

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ButtAnihilator4d ago

@isarai yes, and it's really annoying that that's the case. Your point?

ButtAnihilator6d ago

Control, by remedy entertaiment looks like it's gonna be pretty unique. It should have made the list.

aarogree6d ago

Whenever I see the game, I think to myself, "This is cool, but I would prefer if it was an 'official' SCP game instead of a game that was obviously inspired by SCP."

AK916d ago

Ugh Twinfinite, more multi pages.