Shawn Layden On PlayStation And The Future

Game Informer sat down with the chairman of Worldwide Studios to discuss all things PlayStation, including why it has chosen to skip E3.

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UltraNova4d ago

"Game Informer: Games are always changing. You guys have done an amazing job of innovating, and there was even a time when people were saying single-player games are dead, and you said, “That’s cute…”

Shawn Layden: Hold my beer."

They guy's a natural.

bmf73644d ago

They're prefering quality over quantity in their first party. And that is greatly respectable. And the single player outings they made have been nothing short of a best seller or GOTY as of late.

chrisx4d ago

more grease to the elbows of the PS team. looking forward to the great exclusives ahead.

Majin-vegeta4d ago

I'll admit.I was sad when jack left.And when shawn took his place I didn't feel the same enthusiasm that jack had.After 2 years he grew on me.Just might have benn the nervous fear that struck him.

Pls bring back
Twisted Metal
Legend of Dragoon

-Foxtrot4d ago

I felt exactly the same. Jack was great with Playstation and I wasn't sure about Shawn when he joined but he seems natural now.

Personally I find his more casual wear with the beard more appealing on stage then the suit, especially since he seems more relaxed when presenting.

Pantz4d ago

More downplaying and trash talking of E3 and then later in the interview they say they might be back at E3 in 2020.

trouble_bubble4d ago

Clearly then they weren’t trash talking. Imagination nation, lol.

CaptainSellers4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Don't twist his words, he wasn't trash talking he just wants E3 to be more about the gamers and the public and sees it becoming more of a trade show with the lack of general admission, and also hopes E3 will change in the future.

Pantz4d ago

Why should it have to change? It's not Sony's event. E3 is the biggest celebration in gaming for the whole year. Why would it need to change when it's already the biggest and the best? This is some shady tactics that's bad for gamers and bad for the industry.

CrimsonWing694d ago

Um, E3 is a trade show, the whole point of it is for press to cover what’s coming out and for retailers to see what games they’ll want to stock up on. This was never meant to be an event for the public.

CaptainSellers4d ago

@crimson that's my point, and he wants to see it change to a more public event like others he mentions in the article in future, he wasn't trash talking it.

StormSnooper4d ago

He isn’t saying we are changing it. He says the scene has changed because of internet, anyone can make their own event without needing to do it at a 3rd party’s event.

rainslacker4d ago

E3 has changed through the years. It is a trade show for the press and to let different entertainment tech companies to collaborate and see what they might want to do in the future.

The public side of it has been taken over almost completely by the gaming industry, and the console makers, and major publishers have pretty much made it more into a marketing spectacle.

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Atom6664d ago

I don't think it's trash talking so much. I think his point about less big games is the key component in there 2019 decision. It's disapointing, but it makes sense.

ShadowWolf7124d ago

...He's on the board of the ESA, my guy. Why would he trash talk an event he has a hand in planning and organizing?

That's WHY he's speaking on how he'd like to see it change.

Pantz4d ago

Too bad it's not up to him huh

ShadowWolf7124d ago

It kinda is, as well as the rest of the board. This is the pitch he's working.

Pantz4d ago

Or it kind of isn't.

The gamers are who shapes what kind of show E3 is. Gamers want Sony to be at E3 but Sony doesn't want to.

ShadowWolf7123d ago

I'd rather they not be there just to give us a small update on the same games tbh. It'd just open them up to more bad press a la E3 2014.

This also quite literally has nothing to do with his idea for E3 itself so... not sure what you're trying to do other than be negative for the sake of it.

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